Little win

Following on my theme of little things that get you through the day, today I had a particularly satisfying win.

It’s almost the end of my first run at hospital and it’s customary for medical students to bake for their team at the end of every run as a thank you. So I agreed to do this also for my team. I don’t particularly pride myself on my baking skills so I played it safe and decided to make cupcakes. But I also had an assignment to finish that night so I was sort of multitasking. Which isn’t always a good thing with baking because it requires a lot of attention. Well for me anyway. Like I said, I’m not very experienced. Anyway I thought they turned out pretty well.


So the next day I took them in and invited everyone in my team, even the old house officers and pharmacists who had rotated to a different team. Err it turned out that I overestimated how much my team would eat, and also some people couldn’t make it so I had a bunch of cupcakes left over. The members of my team that showed up said they were great which made me happy. But again, I had a lot of them left over. So I left the box of cupcakes on a table in the ward for everyone to enjoy and went off to do other things. When I returned later, the box was completely empty and someone had left a note under the box


This made me extremely happy. I then proceeded to pack up the box and leave when 3 people came up and asked if I had baked the “amazing cupcakes!!” and thanked me repeatedly.

The whole thing made me feel really happy. Not only that the cupcakes were all gone but also that they were actually good enough for someone to leave a note and come up and tell me how much they enjoyed them. So to whoever left the note, I am extremely grateful. You made me smile.

Little win, got me through the day. 🙂

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