There are many things that I

Would like to say to you…

But you’re offline or changed the subject and the moment is gone.

So I’ll just sit here and plan conversations in my head that are never going to happen.


Moving on.



Nurse: Mr. M’s GCS is improving. He’s moving around and responded to his name. He even waved at me!

Neurologist 1: He’s responsive and alert. His condition post-stroke is improving. His cancer and other comorbidities are still present and he really is struggling. We can’t scan his head because of this. Let’s work out a long-term plan.

Neurologist 2: Right. So the plan is……

Neurologist 1: Great. I think we will see some improvement long term.


House officer to med student: Yesterday afternoon while you were at tutorial, Mr. M dropped his GCS and oxygen sats. He passed away…….. How was your tutorial?

Med student: O.O   ………..Uh it was okay

Neurologist 1: Write up the papers. Family is coming in.

Nurse: Yes will have all that done today. It was an awkward time he chose yesterday. Couldn’t do it then. *laughter*

Neurologist 1 & 2: *laughter*

Neurologist 1: So what’s happening?

Registrar: We’ve got 2 ward reviews and one referral on ward 33.

Neurologist 1: Right… moving on. Let’s go see the referral first.

Med student: O.O

The day continued on as usual. Mr. M was not discussed further.

Med student thoughts: “I can sum up in 3 words everything I’ve learnt about life. ‘It goes on’ ” – Robert Frost