Moving on.



Nurse: Mr. M’s GCS is improving. He’s moving around and responded to his name. He even waved at me!

Neurologist 1: He’s responsive and alert. His condition post-stroke is improving. His cancer and other comorbidities are still present and he really is struggling. We can’t scan his head because of this. Let’s work out a long-term plan.

Neurologist 2: Right. So the plan is……

Neurologist 1: Great. I think we will see some improvement long term.


House officer to med student: Yesterday afternoon while you were at tutorial, Mr. M dropped his GCS and oxygen sats. He passed away…….. How was your tutorial?

Med student: O.O   ………..Uh it was okay

Neurologist 1: Write up the papers. Family is coming in.

Nurse: Yes will have all that done today. It was an awkward time he chose yesterday. Couldn’t do it then. *laughter*

Neurologist 1 & 2: *laughter*

Neurologist 1: So what’s happening?

Registrar: We’ve got 2 ward reviews and one referral on ward 33.

Neurologist 1: Right… moving on. Let’s go see the referral first.

Med student: O.O

The day continued on as usual. Mr. M was not discussed further.

Med student thoughts: “I can sum up in 3 words everything I’ve learnt about life. ‘It goes on’ ” – Robert Frost