The perfect weather

Auckland weather never seizes to amaze me.

This morning I woke to sunlight. The gentle autumn sun that rose with you. Just on time but not fully ready yet.

As I prepared for the day, there was a soft shower. The kind that waters your garden without you needing to step outside. The kind that releases that earthy smell from the ground. The kind that just puts millions of drops to sit peacefully on every blade of grass. As I left the house to go face the day’s challenges, the sun shone proudly. With the intensity that woke people up. The brightness that made you don your sunglasses and pull your windscreen shade down as you drive. The strength of light that assured and encouraged you that you can do whatever needs doing today.

I had a terrible day.

As I drove home, the clouds began to creep in. Shrouding the evening sun. Not completely.. but just enough that the light was calming as you sat in your car. One of the millions on the road just waiting to get home. It seemed to say that the worst is over. The clouds were here to soothe you.

After the sun set.. The weather changed. There was light in the sky. But it wasn’t the sun’s warm embrace or soothing blanket. It was bright. It lit up the entire sky for only just less than a second. Illuminating the dark clouds that were hiding as they prepared to unleash their fury. There was a sound. It tore through the night as the clouds clashed, eager to release their load. And then there was rain. Not the kind that watered your plants. Not the kind that pattered against your windows softly as you slept. Not the kind that dripped down from your window sill. Not the kind that you simply walk through. It was the kind that fell to the ground with every amount of force the sky could muster. It was the kind that rocked the trees and leaves with the wind in its wake. It was the kind that drenched without guilt. The kind that came all at once with light and sound. The rain that hammered down on everything in its way during its race to the ground. The rain that could not be controlled and that didn’t change no matter which way the wind blew it. Then it was gone. As quickly as it came. Leaving behind an eerie stillness. As thought nothing happened. But it had made its statement. It had one intention. To release. To unleash its power. To be a storm. 

It was the kind of rain.. that showed how I was feeling. And I loved it

It was the perfect weather.

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