School Daze….

So this week was my first week back at school! Yay 1 week of lectures to kick off my penultimate year of med school! (Yes I refer to uni as ‘school’. Do not judge.)

But can I say, I am not prepared. After my 8 week hiatus of doing virtually nothing and being a bit agoraphobic, coming to uni with the whole mass of people and returning to the chilly lecture hall with the uncomfortable seats and awkwardly spaced desks was not something I was ready for. Nor was I ready for the whole waking-up-early thing to achieve the getting-somewhere-on-time thing.

So on my first day, for a lecture that was to start at 9:30am, I promptly missed my train and showed up at a fashionably late 9:28am. Whew. Made it. The lecture started with the punctuality my university prides itself on, at 9:35am. Yay I wasn’t late. Unfortunately for me, however, from 9:40am onwards as the faculty was going through ‘important’ admin information, I was well into a daydream. It is safe to say I have no idea what the protocol is to ask for leave if I was to get hit by a car and was unable to make it to hospital. To avoid being labelled as a wagger. Must not get hit by cars this year. Anyway, the day pretty much continued on like that.

It didn’t help that the first few lectures of formal learning were on immunology. Where every 5 minutes while the lecturer was talking, I blinked and thought to myself “omg she’s talking! I’m not listening!!” coming out of whatever grandiose daydream I was in. Eugh. I have forgotten how to listen to someone talking. Lectures are just so bleh. I don’t absorb a lot of what is being said to me in a lecture theatre with a hundred other people. And what made it particularly difficult was that the lectures were scheduled in 2 hour blocks. With pretty much no breaks. Honestly, I mean, I have a pretty short attention span, but even so, it’s kind of ridiculous to expect students to pay attention for 2 hours straight. Especially when it’s “MHC molecules, blah blah”…….Zzzz. But I still show up to these lectures. I guess some part of me is hoping my sub-conscious mind is paying more attention than my conscious mind and I’m absorbing information by way of some form of osmosis. That’s possible right?

Meh. It’s probably just back to school blues. Fortunately, formal learning is only 1 week. Then it’s off to hospital! Yaaaay. My first rotation is paediatrics. I don’t know how I feel about this. Kids freak me out. And I’m no good with them. Whenever I’m around kids, ppl get hurt. And it’s usually me. I’m not sure why but I always end up getting hit in the head by some kid’s toy. I wonder if I’m some kind of magnet. But Anyway! It should be an interesting 6 weeks.

This is my second last year of med school. What a scary thought. But I’m pretty much just hoping this year is going to be better. Taking each day as it comes! That’s kind of become my catch-phrase I think. Kinda. Sorta. Not really. But yeah.

Ahh this is going to be a loong week. Hopefully it passes quickly.


  1. paulchronicles · January 17, 2017

    Good luck !! Last push 🙂
    Which specialty is your favorite ? 🙂


    • abracadabra25 · January 18, 2017

      Thanks! I’ll need it!! 🙂 ahh I don’t have a favourite speciality yet! Hopefully I find one soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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