You know what’s weird? 

When someone asks you a vague question with just one possible answer in mind…

Dr: So how do you check a child’s development? 

Me: Um you can check if they’re meeting the milestones for their age.

Dr: *silence* *staring*

Me: Well there’s gross motor, and fine motor, and social and communication..

Dr: *eyebrows raised*

Me: And you can ask the parents if they have any worries…? 

Dr: Mhmm you just have to say “use the Denver scale”. Bosses will think you’re really smart if you do. 

Me: ….. -__- I see. 

Why do people do this? Eugh. Just why. 


  1. NB · January 30, 2017

    Oh god, I hate it when attendings ask a question and then expect a specific answer, even when there are obviously multiple ways of answering the question. I’m not a mind reader!

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    • abracadabra25 · January 30, 2017

      I know right? Atleast give me a hint if you’re expecting just one answer. And if I’m shooting out other answers here pls feel free to tell me if they’re right or not! Jeez.


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