Awkward silences..

Scene at the paediatric clinic. Parents of an 8 year old boy describing his worrying behaviour:

Mum: Well recently he’s just been getting these rages and he becomes quite aggressi- *Son playing with blocks turns his head to look at mum*

—-Awkward silence—-

*Son continues to play with blocks and builds something resembling a gun*

Dr: What’s that you’re building there?

Son: *points ‘gun’ at the wall* It’s a gun!

Dr: What’s that for?

Son: *points gun around the room at the people present* To shoot someone

*Mother’s eyes widen* *Father shifts in his seat and looks at son*

—-Awkward silence—-

Son: *Points gun to own head* Or to commit suicide


Dr: Do you think that’s a good idea?

Son: *shrugs*

————–Awkward silences—————


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