The People Who Lie…

Please be aware of whom you are lying to. You’re the kind of person who can open your mouth and spill a thousand likely stories. Each one as believable as the day. Subtle enough that anyone else wouldn’t ask a second question. You’re good at it. It’s a necessity.

Unfortunately, if you lie to someone who knows you, who knows the background to every likely story, who knows the one question that would make the entire story false, then your lies are as believable as “alternative facts”.

But it doesn’t matter. Because even if the evidence was displayed, if the question was asked, you’d still deny it. To save face? Or to convince your conscience that what you said IS true?

Either way, what hurts is not the lying. It’s the credit you give someone about how much they know you. And the fact that you believe they’re not worth the truth. Even if telling them just that is all they need to respect you more.

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