Live Action Fairytales

‘Beauty and the Beast’ pulled from Malaysian release after ‘gay moment’ censored

So I saw this on the news. Sigh.

Beauty and the Beast is my most favourite Disney classic of all time. As I hear it also Emma Watson’s. It’s just really funny when Hollywood decides to take a classic and put a “contemporary” twist on it and re-release it for tonnes of money. And it’s even funnier when people around the world have serious views against these ‘twists’.

So apparently, in the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, Gaston’s 3rd stooge of a sidekick LeFou is portrayed as a gay man and the movie features several ‘gay moments’. The director stated this was to promote equality and diversity. This resulted in uproar in countries such as Kuwait and Malaysia, where these scenes were censored. And this made Disney pull screenings of Beauty and the Beast off in these countries.

Are you even serious?

First of all, I’m not a big fan of live action remakes of Disney classics. I thought Cinderella was a very lame version of not a very exciting Disney classic to begin with, and Snow White and the Huntsman was even more morbid to watch. In my opinion, the Disney classics were just that, classics. The word “fairytale” has connotations of happiness, security, imagination and love. The point of them is to step outside of dreary reality for an hour and fill children with the belief that there’s always a happy ending if you’re a good person and wish for something hard enough. Okay. I’m not saying they’re fabulous ideas, but that’s what they were made to be for.

To take such classics, change the plot line completely but have the same characters/title, but removing the comforting connotations and replacing them with morbid underlying themes, is nothing short of a crime to me. It’s like deciding to portray Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice as a bipolar delusional man who actually did everything Elizabeth thought he did. I fail to see the sport in it. Why can’t the people of Hollywood come up with original ideas for movies anymore? It seems like every movie in the cinemas these days are either sequels, or prequels, or books made into movies, or remakes, or revamps of this kind. What is that about? Did they just run out of ideas?

Anywho. That’s off topic.

What’s worse is that this has become such a controversial issue. About gay rights, being conservative, etc etc. It’s a Disney movie for Feek’s sake! It should not attract this much attention. And especially for this reason. That’s another thing. Why does EVERY little statement attract so much controversy? Political correctness is becoming a bit crazy these days, I think.

Anyways, after that I read this article:

‘Beauty and the Beast’s ‘gay moment’ may have been much ado about nothing

Apparently the “gay moment” scenes were very subtle and not anything the director implied it would be. Big woop. They just lost the audience in Malaysia in Kuwait for pretty much nothing. Such a silly issue.

I want to watch it though. The reviews said it’s not too far from the original cartoon version. We shall see. Perhaps I shall review it on here.

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