Doll and Pelvis model

The way to prepare for an osce in Obs and Gynae is to borrow the Doll and Pelvis model set and attempt to understand the physiology of labour and birth by stuffing the creepy looking fake baby’s head into the model pelvis (which is hopefully plastic) and “delivering” the very well sown together (and a bit over-stuffed) model placenta.

It’s harder than it looks, believe me.

Me and my friends:

Friend 1: “Okay so the baby’s head starts in the transverse position, then flexes as it descends in the pelvis …Eugh it won’t go in!!       Omg I dropped the pelvis! No let me start again….. The baby starts in the transverse position, then flexes as it descends.. OMG! The head is too big for the pelvis omg!! This baby has macrosomia!”

Friend 2: “As the baby passes under the pubic symphysis, its head extends and crowning occurs and the baby’s head is born- oh it’s stuck. Nice. The head is too slippery omg!”

Me: “Right so, the head is born. Now the baby restitutes sideways in order for the shoulders to be born. We apply downward pressure on the anterior shoulder, and it should just come through…. Eugh…. Omg… it won’t come!!”

Friend 1: “Pull harder!!”

Me: “Omg the shoulder is stuck!!”

Friend 2: “Hahaha shoulder dystocia!! Shoulder dystocia! Someone PRESS THE EMERGENCY BUTTON!! Call for help!!”

Me: “Omg guys it’s not funny! The thing won’t come!! *Grabs baby doll around neck and yanks* OMG!!! The head nearly came off!!”

Friend 1 & 2: HAHAHAHAHA you’ve decapitated the baby!!!


We’re all practically budding obstetricians now. xD

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