Some Things In My Life At The Moment

I think I’ve gotten into the habit of blogging when I can’t deal with other things in my life. But it seems to help. So oh well.


Things happening in my life at the moment that are constantly on my mind:

1.The Obgyn osce coming up on Friday. Waiting for it to end, waiting for this run to end. But got lots of study + cramming to do in the next couple of days. But I suck at cramming.

2.Stuttering when I talk. This is mostly from osce practice, but I’ve found lately that I just cannot put sentences together coherently without tripping up in my mind and thinking Damn that sounds stupid, don’t say that. Change it. But ofcourse I can’t always do it that quickly, so everything comes out in a mess. What my consultant decided to call a “verbal diarrhoea”. Sigh. Hopefully it’s not some sort of permanent dysphasia

3.My Paediatrics consultant report + final grade…………… I don’t know what to say about this. I’m not happy about my grade or the comments provided by the paediatricians. No point pondering the reasons why. I think it’s safe to say my future in paediatrics as a career is effectively destroyed. Well, not really. But yeah. Oh well.

4.My Selective in September in Australia being (hopefully) confirmed in the near future depending on how good NZ Post is. Judging by their colourful ads with trendy dancing women, they better get my documents to Australia like, today.

5.Lots of people I know being sick. It’s stressful. Please feel better people!

6.That thing that’s always in the back of my mind. But nothing really I can do about that.

7.Getting back into macro photography. Quite happy about this pic. Little win for the day.



That’s enough things for now. Must go read up on the management of threatened preterm labour as opposed to actual preterm labour.

Hope everyone else is having a fabulous day!

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