3 people walking down a path.

Person 1 to Person 2: Can you show me where the door to the corridor to the hospital is? I don’t remember where it is and I’m gonna get lost for sure haha.

Person 2: Yup don’t worry I can show you!

Person 3 to Person 2 (in complete ignorance of person 1’s existence): Oh the door is just one floor down aye? And then you just follow the signs? It’s pretty easy right?

Person 1 keeps walking.


Ouch. Ouch and ouch a couple more times.

What just happened?  Are you even serious?!

Was person 3 just talking to Person 1 THROUGH Person 2? Or was Person 3 just making it known that the door is an incredibly easy find and Person 1 is really fail and should not be asking? Because Person 3 really didn’t need to say anything to add to this conversation. And the content of what Person 3 said could have been the answer Person 1 was looking for. Only, it wasn’t said directly to Person 1. It was said to Person 2. Who didn’t ask where the door was, nor did Person 2 show interest in offering Person 1 a verbal answer. So why then, did Person 3 do this.

Why? Because talking to Person 1 would break some sort of rule? That sounds racist doesn’t it? Eugh I guess that’s not what I mean. But I mean, what is that about?! Person 3 knows where the door is. Good for person 3. Person 2 is oblivious, obviously. And Person 1… Well I don’t know. It’s probably Person 1’s fault, really. But Person 1 felt non-existent, sadly, and kept walking. You could tell.

But hey I guess I can’t say anything. Because instead of doing something about it, I blog.


Oh well.

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