The Beginning Of The End…

It’s the beginning of the end

The end of an era

I can feel it. Can I do anything else? No. It’s not my choice.

This is the way it has to be

It was special. It couldn’t really be explained.
It was quite fast
A flash of brilliant sunlight
Before dark clouds shrouded everything

Something was given
Against all odds
I didn’t ask for it

But I treasured it

Taken away
I couldn’t stop it
Though I tried
It wasn’t mine to hold on to
I never really had it
It seems

Now it’s coming to close
Before my eyes
Slipping away with every second
As easily as that

No. It isn’t easy
It’s never easy when you’re not in control
And you don’t know why

But you’re not allowed to know why
Not allowed to mourn
Just get on with it
Move on

Wish for things to be different
Wish to redo
Wish to take it all back
Wish for forgiveness

Or wish none of it ever happened?

No. It happened
There were lessons
I can never stop being grateful

But because of that

There is no moving on
There is no forgetting

But then…………. How can I be free?
How can I change?

I can’t
My existence must be forgotten somehow

I have to forget

Though the voice inside says I never will…


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