‘Neath Starry Skies

Yes I know it’s late. Yes I know it’s a school night. Yes I know tomorrow is an important day.

But another great thing about June are the rare sunny days that turn into clear nights. 

Nights that are perfect to venture atop a mountain (or a relatively large Hill in the city), lie on your back at stare at the sky. 

And enjoy the city scene of course. 

When you’re overloaded with thoughts and events, the perfect getaway is to look up at the stars. It seems to make everything else seem less important. 

Yes I could do this in the summer. But the great thing about June is the stillness that comes with a cool winter night. Just me and the city in the distance and the open sky.

Not trying to sound overly mystical or anything. But I just needed to switch off an not think about the day to come. And my goodness, did it work. 

Of course I wasn’t thinking straight when I packed for this “getaway” so you’ll have to forgive the poorly captured photo on my phone that can neither prevent noise in darkness, nor focus with even 1x zoom. 

Some day I shall take my canon, use the “bulb” feature overnight and capture the stars. Not just the city scene. But I suppose from where I was, the perspective at that distance made everything much lighter in my head. 

Great feeling to lie ‘neath the starry skies. 

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