3 Eyes

I have 3 sets of eyes.

My own eyes, which are blurry most of the time and riddled with astigmatism.

My glasses which are quite old and do NOT give me a bookish look, but rather make me look like a clueless 2-year-old (much like Chuckie from rugrats ^^)

And my contacts which are hella expensive and have just become useless (my current pair anyway.)

2 days ago I developed an itchy, sticky, watery Eye (just the left one) with a foreign body sensation in it also. This was around the morning time on my last day at the GP practice. Which was not a good look because patients kept asking me if I was okay or if I was tired (as I kept rubbing my eye like a sleepy 3-year-old)

Embarrassing. But I am a well-read med student who had recently come off an ophthalmology rotation. I thus concluded the most likely, plausible, rational diagnosis for my eye.

Omg I have acanthamoeba keratitis!! I panicked for a bit because this is a disease that contact lens wearers get and you could lose your vision in one eye completely and I had seen a victim of acanthamoeba keratitis and it did NOT look pretty.

Fortunately, my GP calmed me down and said it’s very unlikely to be acanthamoeba keratitis and it’s more probable that there was some debris on my contact lens that had damaged it. And was thus causing said itchy/ watery/ irritating eye. But just to be sure, I had to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, I usually get a 3 month stock of lenses from my optometrist, and those were my last pair of the 3 month stock. Which means I have order new ones and rely on NZ post to bring them to me. Which essentially means I have to go 2 weeks without contacts. Not. Fun.

I don’t really hate my glasses or anything, but they do get frustrating sometimes. Like when I want to wear sunglasses, I have to awkwardly place them on top of my glasses (because I do not have the fancy photo-chromatic glasses). Or when it rains and suddenly I’ve got underwater vision (which is not a good thing by the way). Or when I have a nap-attack, I can’t just flop on my bed or couch unless I want a bruise on the bridge of my nose. Just so inconvenient.

First world problems, I know. And normally I wouldn’t complain, but I’m in a complaining mood at the moment. So it just must be done.

My eye is fine now from not wearing my contacts for the last 2 days. Which is good. But I’m still 2 weeks from getting a new pair.

I should just have laser eye surgery. But my mommy said no because she’s worried I will develop cataracts at the age of 40 from it. Apparently she read this somewhere. Does anyone out there know someone who has had laser eye surgery and is past the age of 40 who does not have cataracts? I want to know if I can prove my mum wrong and get my eyes zapped. And I’m too lazy to read the literature.

3 pairs of eyes are just so inconvenient.

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