Mindfulness Painting 

I’ve just had a two week break after my GP rotation and before the final two rotations of the year. Those being psychiatry (starting tomorrow) and my selective in Melbourne (more on this soon. Watch this space) 

The two weeks went by way too quickly for my liking and I had a lot to do. Catching up on sleep was a main project of course. But so was my portfolio (that I am yet to complete), an essay, a pathology assignment, and studying for my progress test. 

There’s always room for procrastination though! So I thought I’d do some painting. To pick up an old hobby of mine using some blank canvas I’ve had lying around. Well, actually my mum said if I didn’t use the canvas right now she was going to chuck it out. But it was something I had been wanting to do. 

Have you heard of mindfulness colouring? I didn’t know this was a thing until I was a couple of years into med school and some of the med students were using this as a stress-buster. For those of you who don’t know what mindfulness colouring is, it’s a book of pictures you can colour in. But not like the ones you had when you were 4 years old with the zoo animals that had a maximum of 6 spaces you could colour in. These are elaborate drawings of sceneries and kaleidoscope type patterns, and even the Mona Lisa. With over 100 tiny spaces to colour in with different colours. Apparently working through these teeny-weeny spaces is supposed to be equivalent to practising mindfulness. Personally I’d rather just eat some chocolate or something. But apparently it works for people. 

Anyway, back to painting. I had a relatively small canvas so I thought I’d try a more intricate painting with different parts and textures. I’m no artist. I use standard acrylic paints with a pallet I’ve had since age 5. It took a whole two weeks but I think it turned out pretty okay and I think I understand mindfulness colouring a bit more. Very relaxing and very rewarding in the end. 

Et Voila! Mindfulness Painting. Again, I’m not the best artist so in case you were wondering, that’s a peacock. The face doesn’t look very natural and the feathers are a bit all over the place but I think overall it looks okay! It took a very long time to get the feathers right and every line in, but it was fun. Therapeutic actually. 

Well, onward to psychiatry! 

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