Do you ever have points in your life where you think that things are going really well at the moment… And that’s suspicious and you’re expecting things to crash?

I never have these points.

My life somehow seems to always be a perfect, and immediate balance. Whenever something good happens, the very next day, if not the same day, something not so good happens. Probably something unrelated to the good thing, but still. It’s instantaneous. And it’s just painful irony most of the time.

I don’t know why. You’re probably thinking what a cynical pessimistic thing to think. And optimists will say that perhaps a good thing is happening after every bad thing.

But with the latency between the bad thing and the good thing, I can kind of tell which is happening first.

Something good has happened, and then the next day, something upsets me. In a big way. Makes me wonder how I am going to stuff up the good thing that happened.

I suppose another way to look at it is that it keeps me grounded. Never too overconfident with myself and never too down on myself. Well…. That’s not really true. I have long moments of down-ness. But it almost always seems that goodness is followed by down-ness. Not really the other way around.

Eugh. I don’t know.

That’s life I suppose. Meh. Must go with le flow.

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