One of the things that comes with being an adult is pretending to care about politics. No no. You HAVE to care about politics. Why? Because everyone else is going out of their way to make sure you do.

So. The NZ general election is coming up. Over the last 9 years, we’ve had the same ruling party making up the government. That being National. The opposition has always been Labour. Apparently one of them is left wing and the other is right (I forget to care about remembering which is which). They are the two main competitors. Then there are all these random small parties that everyone knows will have no say at all, but people end up voting for anyway. Some do so because they want to waste their vote because they couldn’t care less, while others are very gung-ho about their actual policies.. apparently.

I’ve only earned the right to vote since the last election. Up until then, I, like every other kid out there would consider politics to be just a lot of boring noise that adults make at parties that I would somehow go talk to about my friends as though I came up with an opinion all on my own. Let’s face it.

But since gaining the right to vote, I’ve found just how ridiculous people can be when it comes to politics.

Now. I don’t mean this in an offensive way. All these people are my friends and they truly have strong beliefs and I respect that immensely. But what I don’t respect, is their attempt to force these beliefs on others.

Literally all I heard in my first year of med school was how the current government and our prime minister at the time had failed the entire country and we’re all suffering immensely and we’re all going to die because of the apocalypse that the government started. (Obviously kidding, but they were saying a lot to that effect). It surprised me just how ferocious people could get about this. There were posts upon posts on FaceBook about how everyone should vote for The Green Party (which is supposed to be both an environmental and cannabis friendly party that really cares about the youth. Well this is what people try to convince me of).

What was worse was that each person somehow assumed that every other person was voting for the same party.  I am not kidding. A friend of mine openly asked me who I was voting for. I don’t usually like discussing this, but I told her anyway. She then replied in a horrified tone that she thought I was a supporter of her own party. I asked her why, and she said “Idk I just thought you were that person. Who supports ______”

What the heck.

How? I mean….How?

Other people just add me to their conversations assuming that I’m voting for their parties. “I mean, we’re all voting for Green cuz we care about NZ, but like can you believe how unreasonable National is being??” Without so much as asking me whether I had an opinion.

Though I must say, the easiest conversations to have with people are about politics. It’s easy because all I do in these situations is smile and agree with whatever they’re saying. I mean hey, they’ve already assumed I’m a supporter. Why bother arguing otherwise with someone who is such a strong believer that they rely on transference to gain party votes?

Like I just don’t get it. Why openly hate any one party? Are people actually naive enough to believe that a Single party can fix the entire country and make everyone absolutely happy? It’s as though history has taught us nothing. There’s no way ANY party is going to bring every singly policy they had promised to a letter.

Surely it’s just about the bigger issues. Why do people take these things so personally? And I mean they take it personally because when I ask people about their partys’ policies, they usually just end up going on about how lovely the party candidate is. Or how good a speaker they are compared to that useless prime minister. Eugh. I’m just getting a bit tired of hearing about people’s ferocious opinions.

Regardless of who gets elected, there will always be a group of people negatively affected and who are going to complain. At the same time, regardless of who gets elected, people are not going to wither away and die. Yes the government is important, but it’s still just made of people.

This is just my opinion though. Again, I’m not saying it’s not important to have your own views and beliefs and vote, because of course it is. I have mine. I went out of my way to make sure I was well informed about policies, etc. But I just wish people would be more aware that there are other views out there before posting on FaceBook about who they have voted for, and who YOU SHOULD vote for if you give a damn about your country at all and are not selfish and stuck up like the current government is.

Because that’s no longer support. That’s propaganda.

I want to make a move to make it socially unacceptable to discuss your political ‘opinions’.

But anyway. That’s my political rant. I usually wouldn’t care so much. But some people have been unnecessarily pushy this election and I cannot wait until it’s over. I’ve become indifferent to who is even going to win. I’m just tired of my news feed being filled with people trashing others.

Where is the love? (As the black-eyed peas would say)

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