Back To Reality

I have returned!! And it’s the new year! Which means absolutely nothing to me because I lost 4 days in travel from Europe to NZ. But also, not much hoopla from anyone this year. Nothing much on social media. The sappy posts are missing!! What a shock! I guess people finally realised how unnecessary those posts were.

I am also yet to hear the word “resolution” uttered by anyone. This is great! The year seems to be off to a good start!

I’m very jetlagged. But I have to prepare for the start of uni the day after tomorrow. My first rotation of the year this time is Gen med. Back to the old grime. 

I’m very excited. No, really.

I guess the most significant thing about this year, is that it is in fact, the last year of my degree. After this year, another section of my life will have been completed, and the next one will (hopefully) start. I often feel like my life is broken up into stages. Mostly around my education. So in that respect, a big stage of my life is ending. 

Well actually not really. Because of the profession I’ve chosen, I’ll be studying for ever basically. So I guess it’s not particularly significant. I’ll just have a title attached to my name and a heck of a lot of responsibility.

Oh man. I hope I am ready when that happens. Because currently, I feel I am not.

I gotta make some fairly important decisions this year. About where I want to start working, whether I want to start looking into the PG thing straight away, where I should do that, whether I should take the exams that let me practice in other countries around the world, etc. Big stuff.

But we’ll see what happens. New Year new prospects? Ewww God no. Too cliche.

New Year. Hopefully new-ish things happen that I may handle. 

I hope everyone has a year that somewhat lives up to their expectations! 🙂

Also, I got back home and it’s pouring rain in Auckland right on schedule. Typical of a NZ summer. Oh God it’s good to be home. ^^

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