Admin Nightmares

Nothing says back to uni like a big admin stuff up.

I just cannot stand the admin people in universities. Medical universities in particular. They are the most frustrating people in the world.

Yesterday was my first day back at hospital. I showed up and had a little orientation meeting with one of the consultants, during which I and other gen med students were handed a pack of information about our run. Including the team we would be attached to.

I was assigned to the Black gen med team ( at Auckland hospital, the team names are colours. But even so, black shouldn’t really be a colour associated with healthcare. I don’t think they thought this through very much)

Anyway! I trotted up to the ward and asked the nurse where I could find the Black team (The first fail was that there were no contact details or names for any members of the Black team provided in my “information pack”).

The nurse looked at me and said “which one? We have 3 black teams”. I stared back in horror. My “pack” did not specify which black team, nor did it mention there was more than one. Useless. I told the nurse I didn’t know. She was kind enough to call the Black team that was currently on the ward to look after me.

The consultant asked me who I was meant to be with. I said I didn’t know. He then proceeded to call the consultant I had met with this morning to see if he would know. He apparently said that it  should have been printed as part of my “information pack”.

Oh for God’s sake.

After standing there awkwardly for a bit, the Black team consultant said he would take me on. And I spent the last two days with this team.

Today, I received an email from “admin” specifying that I should be attached to a registrar of another black team.

And this wasn’t just me. The other students also joined whoever was present at the time of their arrival to their respective wards and we were all collectively pissed off by this late email asking us to switch teams.

It cannot be that hard to have the tiniest bit of communication between the so-called “admin” department that are supposed to run the whole show, and the clinical teams. Like what is the problem?

And it’s not just my university. Admin people worldwide are crap at replying to emails, answering phone calls, and just generally getting things done that they are supposed to do.

I mean it’s not like anyone is asking them to move heaven and earth. We’re only asking what is part of their job description. Surely this isn’t mission impossible.

All the students on Gen med decided to ignore this admin person’s jumping team suggestion and to remain with our own chosen teams. It seemed so much less messy.

That’s how you do good administration to be honest.


Well that’s my rant for the day. I shall talk about Gen med itself later on!

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