The Thing About Emergency Medicine

I’m on my 2 week ED rotation. 

Now, I love ED. Because it’s all diagnosis and planning. It’s really bringing those diagnostic skills and knowledge learnt in med school to practice.

But it’s a hard life being an ED consultant. Even as a consultant, Ie having the top job in that field, you still have to do shift work. And that’s exhausting.

Did you know that the world health organization listed shift work, particularly night shifts, as a cause of cancer? 

Blech. That’s not very appealing is it.

It’s an extremely difficult job they have. And you gotta be a certain kind of person to be an ED enthusiast too. Like as a student, it’s brilliant because you get to practice diagnosis and management unlike in any other specialty, but you also have to be okay with never hearing the end of a story.

People in ED see patients, and refer them after initial management. Then you don’t get to know what happens to them. This for me is extremely upsetting. xD I don’t like cliff hangers. I need closure. 

But ED is honestly so exciting. I am in fact doing my 8 week overseas elective with a heavy focus on ED. It’s going to be in India! Along with rural medicine, I will be in a hospital emergency department. Meanwhile everyone else in my class is taking this opportunity to travel the world, I’m hoping I’m sacrificing my travelling opportunity to learn heaps. 

What better place to do so than ED!

I’m leaving for my elective next week! More on this soon!

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