Don’t Smile Please

So the other day a family friend said to me “You really don’t look like a doctor. You look too small”

Before I could get angry, he proceeded to say “you know what you have to do? You gotta have attitude. You shouldn’t smile. If you smile or laugh, people won’t take you seriously”

I stared at him for 5 seconds. 

What in the heck?

This is actually a popular idea I’ve heard. But I’ve never heard it being said so blatantly. 

For some reason, people think that in order to seem put together, you gotta be serious all the time. You gotta have the attitude of a professional. You gotta have that command. And that command, comes with a serious face.

I think it’s the whole, in order to be experienced, life needs to have made you cold and hard. 

And I don’t really get that. Just how much value is attached to this kind of thing? I mean realistically it’s only a first impression kind of concept. Like when you walk into a room and greet someone with that attitude, they’re meant to be like woah. But after that nobody wants someone around who’s constantly serious, right?

And more importantly, how well you work should be ultimately what people should respect about you, right?

I mean that’s my thinking. 

Of course I could be analysing this all incorrectly. It could just be me who looks like I’m too small and needs to be more serious.

But to be honest, life is serious enough. I just try my hardest not to let that show on my face. 

Frankly, I don’t care very much about how others view me. But as I’ve mentioned I’m not cut out for the workforce. And this may in fact be a legitimate thing I should be concerned about maybe…

Oh well. I don’t know. I’ll find out next year whether people will take me seriously as a doctor or not.

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