Walk Away

Sometimes things get quite difficult. Conversations and conflicts. And sometimes, you’ve got to have the strength to walk away.

I used to think that walking away from a problem was a sign of weakness. When I was younger, I used to think everything was black and white.

And both black and white needed to be called out. Needed to be stated in every conflict. There was only ever a right and wrong. So why should I walk away when I knew that? I had to say it. I had to speak the truth as I knew it. And nothing else mattered. I thought that I would always regret what I didn’t say. 

As you grow up, you realise that a grey exists, and the number of shades of grey increases exponentially. To the point where black and white no longer exist. They’re essentially theoretical. 

When that realisation comes, I learnt that I can walk away. I should walk away. My thoughts and opinions are just another shade of grey. As is the person’s in front of me. As is the problem in front of me. 

I can try to fix the problem, of course I can. But when you’re in the middle of it, think about a few things: 

1. Am I going to make a difference by carrying on talking or fighting?

2. Is it going to make the situation better or worse?

3. Is it going to negatively affect the people involved?

4. Is it going to make me feel good about myself?

If the answer to any of those is not in favour of continuing the issue, you’re allowed to walk away. You should walk away. 

And that’s not a weakness, that’s a sign that you’re looking at the bigger picture. That’s what matters. 

This isn’t to say that you should shy away from dealing with issues. If you believe black and white exist despite the answers to those questions, then go ahead and continue saying how you feel. Big issues in society should be questioned by everyone. But when it comes to your circle and the issues that affect you, you can walk away for the benefit of everyone. 

You’ve got to have the strength to walk away. Despite your ego, despite knowing what you think is right, despite being in the position where you can say something. 

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