New Laptop!!

So I’ve had a bit of a hiatus in blogging recently. There were actually quite a few draft posts that I haven’t finished.

And the reason for that was because my HP laptop broke while I was in India. In my last couple of days, in fact. A big crack across the screen and an unresponsive keyboard.

Not fun.

Luckily for me, my computer was touchscreen so I was able to use the onscreen keyboard until I got a new one. But that’s annoying to blog with, as is my phone keyboard. It’s just so satisfying to hear the clackity-clack of the keys while I feverishly type my thoughts on here.

Thank God for travel insurance that my university provided me during my elective for free, because they let me get a brand new laptop!

Introducing, the HP pavillion x360!!

It does super neat things like flipping over backwards 

and letting me draw things with an HP stylus that came free with it!


Definitely an upgrade.

(That’s a snake in case my doodling wasn’t clear)

It was actually quite brave of me to get an HP again because this time, once again, I spent a whole week on the phone to HP support services trying to get a QUOTE for the damages to my laptop. I wasn’t even asking them to fix it. All I needed was a quote saying these were the damages and these parts were unavailable.

I made 13 phone calls over 4 days and still did Not manage to get a quote. And ended up going elsewhere for a proper quote.

It was just horrendous. The first lady that picked up said “um do you know your computer is a 2013 model??” And judging me to the max for not upgrading. Um excuse me but shouldn’t I get some credit for taking such good care of it over the last few years?? 

Apparently not. Then there was a big fiasco about people telling me the parts were no longer available and then people telling me they need to check if they were available. They were telling me they would call me back when they never did, and there was one point where I had suspected that they had blocked my phone number because my calls were not going through unless I used a different phone.

Thank God HP has such good tech because their customer service is beyond multiple levels of useless.

I adore my new laptop though! Fit like a daydream, as Taylor Swift would say! 

Good News

I am pleased to say that I have been matched to a hospital for my first year of being a House Officer!

All that time I spent on my application and stressing has paid off! Yaay!

Which hospital, you ask? Middlemore Hospital in Auckland.

Yes I know what you’re thinking. I’ve mentioned a few times before that I dislike Middlemore and I really want to leave Auckland in my first house officer year. Yeah. I changed my mind.

I just finally have a plan for the next two years. Middlemore hospital is a great hospital. I’ve just got to learn to tolerate the people and other annoying things. And I think I’m at a place where I can do that. So I focus on more important things like what would most benefit my knowledge and career.

Anyway after weighing the pros and cons, I applied to Middlemore and it’s a massive relief that I have been matched to my first choice!

Feeling like I am finally getting some good news now. The bad luck cycle has ended (touch wood).

More on that soon!

I have to now fill in an application to the hospital itself and a bunch of other admin things need to take place before I get my job offer and things start getting real. But I am super grateful that I got the hospital I wanted!

I am sure I will start to face the anxiety of not being ready to be a doctor yet, soon.


Is Age A Number Or A Qualification?

The other day I was having a conversation with my cousin who I hadn’t spoken to in ages. He had just recently been married. Well it’s been 2 years and his wife is expecting a baby.

Yes I can hear some people going “ngaww” and all that. But to be honest, I’d seen him happier before he had gotten married. And he confirmed this for me. He said life’s pretty weird and sad currently.

He’s about 31 now. When he had gotten married, he was 29. My aunt and uncle were tsk-ing and clucking away that he was getting much too old to be unmarried.

And so they set him up with a girl and got him married. And now he’s not exactly happy.

Growing up, my cousin was this super jolly, extremely hilarious person. He always struck me as a bit childish in everything. Very immature and he hadn’t really changed much when he was 29. He wasn’t very keen on getting married. Pretty sure he didn’t even have a plan. But society works in not-so-mysterious ways. 

He was basically told he had to get married. And he did. Now he only makes cynical jokes about life. And he’s stressed about everything.

If you’re in your mid to late twenties, you’re now an eligible bachelor/ bachelorette. Time to get married. Time to settle down. 

That may have been fair enough a generation ago. Values were different then.

Well.. Not really. But basically, I don’t agree with this.

People need to be ready to get married. People need to be mature enough to make a commitment like that. And that has absolutely nothing to do with age.

I think we can all agree that we’ve come across 20-30 year-olds who basically have the emotional age of 5.

Nothing’s changed about them. They’ve just found bigger cookies to fight over, bigger playgrounds to push people down in, and newer, more creative ways to lie and cheat.

Can these people be trusted to make a commitment for a lifetime with One person? I wouldn’t think so.

And I have massive respect for people who say they aren’t ready to make a commitment. They’re not ready to get married. Like sure everyone else will call them irresponsible or players, etc. But hey. They have the insight that they won’t stay true to the institution of marriage. Which, in my opinion, beats those who feel compelled to fill some life checklist by getting married at age 25 and then end up divorced or miserable a few years later because they didn’t think it through hard enough and didn’t analyse themselves enough to realise they weren’t ready.

I feel like it’s not just about finding someone that’s great. It’s about realising that it’s super annoying to be committed to someone for life. And doing it anyway.

If you’re accepting that marriage is for life, I mean.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t believe in divorce. Kind of a thing where I believe you gotta stick with who you chose, no matter what. No takebacks. Of course abusive relationships don’t count. But the stupid reasons people have for divorce these days – like snoring (I kid you not) is beyond me. Just how immature and self-centred are you? Like you really should have thought about that before you agreed to get married and sleep next to this person for the rest of your life.


Anyway the reason for this rant is that my cousin, incredibly, turned to me and said “You’re 23 right? Pretty soon they’ll look to set you up with someone too”

Literally made me sick.

I have an extreme lack of faith in the institution of marriage by the way. I’m also the last person that should be talking about stuff like this as I have no experience. But the truth is I’ve seen enough relationships around me break up and be horrendous such that I cannot picture myself going through that with anyone or see myself succeeding where others have failed. 

So I can say that my age has NOTHING to do with whether or not I can get married. I cannot. Fullstop. Period. End of. 

But I don’t think age has anything to do with it for anyone. I think people need to stop believing in and promoting the idea that when you reach a certain age, you’ve got to get married and be settled. Like no. It doesn’t work that way. And it most certainly won’t last if that’s the only reason people want to get married. Age isn’t enough. You’ve got to know what you’re getting into. 

Like yes millions of people have done it before and it’s doable. But I for one, would want to do it right. If that exists. I wouldn’t want to end up like my cousin. I wouldnt want to be miserable or have children who knew their parents would be better off divorced. I’d want to be all in. Not just be like oh hey let’s give this a try.

Sorry if this is cynical. If you’ve found someone you’re going to marry, then you’re extremely lucky!! Just do me a favour and stick with them. 

Someone I Dislike

I’ve mentioned that in my life, there’s pretty much only one person I can actually say I Dislike immensely. It’s a physical aversion. And it’s not good for me. And I know that.

But this person is coming up again after ages and is still managing to affect my life negatively. 

And I’ve never even met them.

That doesn’t make any sense does it? 

Let me tell you a story..

About a girl. In her 20s. She lives in the bottom of New Zealand. Living her life normally. Working, doing whatever it is she does.

She has a friend. Someone she had known for more than 10 years. From school. Their lives had taken different paths. They were in different places with hundreds of kilometres between them. But they kept in contact constantly. They had a lot of things to talk about I imagine. They’d known each other for long enough.

So this girl’s friend was having a fight with someone he knew. In his line of work. By fighting I mean they were having long arguments over text that was making them both miserable. It got pretty difficult. He told the girl about this person he knew. Told the girl the person was harassing him basically.  Told the girl this person was creating drama and that he was struggling.

The girl had 3 options. 

a) Support her friend, offer advice, but let him sort out his own issues with this person.

b) Intervene on her friend’s behalf by approaching this person directly, telling them to stop whatever it was they were doing to upset her friend.

c) Talk to her cousin, who for some bizarre reason was a close friend of the person, tell her cousin that if she didn’t get her friend to stop harassing the girl’s friend, the girl would call the police and lay a harassment complaint against the person. 

Guess which one she chose? The girl destroyed the person’s life in one night. Someone she had never met. 

In addition, she told her cousin, (who knew nothing of the issues or about the guy) that he could sometimes be quite childish and so she understood why the person was having issues with him. She then told the guy that the person he knew had been telling her cousin that he is quite a bully.

So let’s review the facts.

1. The girl was immature enough to play the he said, she said game, baiting her own cousin and feeding her friend false information 

2. She was cowardly enough to not face the person her friend was having issues with herself, and rather use her cousin who was completely uninvolved, as a messenger to pose an entirely empty and pathetic threat.

3. She was again, immature enough to even intervene in her friend’s issues with another person

4. She was cruel enough to nearly kill and destroy someone she had never met. Not having considered the consequences at all.
And me?

Well. I was the person in this story. It was my life and reputation that was essentially wrecked by someone I had never seen or heard of in my life. I was portrayed by someone I didn’t know as a person who talks about their friends behind their back, and essentially crazy.

Luckily for me, the girl’s cousin, my close friend, was a lot more mature than her. She told me her cousin was stirring trouble that didn’t need to be there and that she wasn’t going to get involved. She didn’t believe a word of what her cousin was telling her.

Yeah. That’s what maturity and loyalty looks like. 

That’s pretty much what saved me from making some very bad decisions in this whole mess. 

Now it’s nearly two years later and she’s close to where I work. Her memories are coming back to me and I’m angry all over again. I wish that for the rest of my life I never ever ever meet her. 

It won’t be a good day for her if I did. 


You know what you shouldn’t do?

Take people way too seriously. 

I usually take things at face value. If someone tells me they’re angry or sad or they feel a certain way about someone, or they’re going to do something, I tend to believe them. 

I mean, how else could I really know what’s going on in someone’s head? I’m not a mind reader. All I’ve got is what they tell me or show me through their actions. 

So I believe people if they say things. 

What I expect is for people to say how they really feel.

But what I’ve realised is that people do say what they feel, but the fine print is this:

They say what they’re feeling, right at that very instance.

Which basically means, that’s going to change. 

Everybody says or does something when they’re emotional about something. But that isn’t necessarily what they would say or do if they were… euthymic, let’s say. 

So if you’re the person that’s listening or supporting someone saying/doing something in an emotional state, my advice is, don’t think too much of it. It’s not going to last.

I’ve seen that a lot recently. When someone tells me they’re absolutely done with this person and they’ve had enough and they’re leaving etc etc., I get super upset that they’re feeling this way. I try to console and change their mind and spend quite a few hours of my life doing so. They tell me I cannot change their mind at any cost!

Two days later, they’re happy. Getting on with the other person..those statements never to be heard again. Nothing’s changed. They didn’t leave. And they’re not done with that person.

And I’m left wondering why I wasted my life getting upset over what they were telling me.

It’s just happened so many times now. I’m starting to accept it. Obviously if someone was saying they were going to harm themselves or others, take that seriously. 

But if someone is saying stuff out of anger or short-lived sadness, don’t bother humouring them. Truly. You’ll stress yourself out for no reason, only to end up hearing “Well I said that when I was angry. I wasn’t serious..”

Well then you really shouldn’t have said it to be honest.

But anyway. I’m sure I do it too. I’m sure everyone does it. 

Sometimes you can’t believe the trash that comes out of people’s mouths. 

But for your own sanity, just don’t take them too seriously.


Airline Blahs

I have returned!! So glad to be home. 

But can I just take a moment to talk about Airlines.

What is it with all the airline companies these days? While every other industry in the world is working to improve their service, the airline industry is finding new and inventive ways to make sure you want to jump out of the aircraft mid-journey. 

Not going to drop names, but Singapore Airlines is literally the worst airline I have ever experienced in my life. They have the most horrendous customer service EVER. Never have I ever gotten on the phone to call them and hung up thinking, oh hey they were really helpful. 

And their website is even more useless.

It’s always something. Some glitch on the website that prevents me from completing my booking, unable to change my seats, unable to select my meals, unable to book an extra ticket, and the list goes on.

And even after I’ve spent 60 hours on the phone with them (55 hours on hold and 5 hours waiting for the person I’m talking to to figure out how to fix the issue and actually fixing it), I show up on the plane and the airhostess tells me I haven’t selected a vegetarian meal or me and my mum aren’t sitting next to each other.

Eugh. I just can’t understand what their issue is.

And this is in a flight in economy class where you barely have 2 inches on either side of you or your feet. I don’t understand it. I pay 2000$ for a ticket to go to India or wherever in a space smaller than a shoebox with bland dried out food, that I don’t even get most of the time because they didn’t receive my order. 

I could buy a whole couch set for less than 2000$

I also read an article recently where Emirates was wanting to decrease economy spaces by 13% to make room for a bed AND Lazyboy chair in first class. You know, aside from the ensuite and shower stall they already have in there. 

Hey who travels a maximum of 17 hours anywhere in the world and just HAS to shower?? 

Obviously the people who are willing to pay 10,000$ for a ticket. 

It just doesn’t make any sense. They’re making the majority of passengers who will be in economy class miserable, for the 2 people who will buy a first class ticket. 

What in the Heck?

I suppose these companies realise that everyone is at the mercy of every airline company. I mean, how else are you going to get halfway around the world? Ship? Sure. If you’ve got a few months. 

No? Then please take your shoebox seat thanks.

Basically there’s no other way to move around the world. So yes you have to spend 60 hours on the phone and 2000$ to get there. You have to put up with the useless service and food. If you don’t, well hey. Your loss. Not the airline’s. 

Plenty of other people keen to travel this way. Because they have to. So tough.

And this is why they can also set any fare they want for these flights. Regardless of how unreasonable it may be. They know you’re going to pay if you have to travel. Peak time periods should be a time to charge less. But nope. They charge double. Because they can.

Ugh I just hate that. And the only way to improve this is to become so rich you can travel in business or first class. Or own your own jet. 

That’s it. They’re not going to change. You have to. 

That’s how it works.