Hectic Real Quick

I do apologise for my absence for the last two-ish weeks. Things got hectic real quick.

Let me outline it for you. Last I spoke, was about paediatrics. That’s over so yay! Made some good connections. I expressed my interest in pursuing gastroenterology as a specialty and one of the nice consultants took me on to do a project. Specifically,  a case report.

Good thing about a case report is that it’s likely to get published. Buuuut it’s not exactly a “research project” so I’ll probably have to do an actual project later on.

Yeah the requirement to join the gastroenterology program is to have done a research project in gastroeneterology. I’ve got time though. And a case report is still neat. So I’ve been working on that.

Straight after paediatrics, began Psychiatry. I am placed this year, not in Mason clinic, but in a community facility. Which is interesting enough. I do find psychiatry interesting, psychiatrists themselves are weird, as usual. One of my consultants is really nice, the other uses 3 different e-cigarettes constantly in a pattern I call, “chain-vaping”. I doubt it’s really much of a step up from actual cigarettes.

Anyway! Psychiatry this year is very stressful because I have a practical exam at the end of the rotation where I take a psychiatric history from an actor and present it according to the DSM 4. Good old DSM 4 with its pages and pages of criteria but still managing to make the conditions fluffy and not really any easier to distinguish between. Sigh. So I have been cramming as much A B C criteria for the diagnoses as possible. Not. Fun.

I was also given my rotations for my first house officer year in these past weeks. They will be as follows:

Psychiatry (oh my God when will it end)
Gen med (Good. Good learning, useful, mhmm)
Cardiology (Interesting, should be fun)
General Surgery (Not looking forward to. Lots of admin, but if I do it now, never have to do another surgical rotation again so yay!)

I didn’t really want this combination, but pretty much all the combinations were pretty lame and at least I don’t have to do any runs I really dislike like orthopaedics or geriatrics. So good stuff!

In other news, my mood has been quite low lately. No particular reason that I can mention. My right brain playing up maybe. But life seems a bit bleh these days.

I wonder if I have some watered down form of bipolar disorder. But where a person with bipolar disorder would have a mood pattern that looks a bit like this;

Sketch (1)

Mine, looks more like this:

Sketch (2)

Yes I’m a whiner at the moment. I don’t have bipolar disorder and frankly my problems are no where near that substantial. They have it hard. I’m just complaining about something that isn’t there. I should get over myself. I guess it’s just a first world thing.

So yes, that’s what has been keeping me busy lately. Blogging helps, as always. Hope everyone else has been doing great!

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