The Flow

These days, I’m just going with flow.

If I have to cry 5 times a day, I will cry 5 times a day.

If I have to feel bad about myself, I will feel bad about myself.

If I have to be lonely, I will be lonely.

If I’m not able to sleep regardless of how tired I am, I will stay awake and ruminate.

If I don’t have the appetite for more than half a sandwich for a whole day, I will keep going while hungry. 

If I have to have anxiety attacks during the day, I will freak out quietly in the bathroom. 

I’m not trying to resist anymore.

I’m not trying.

Everything that’s happening to me is either completely in my control, or completely out of my control. 

I created this karma. 

I accept that. 

So there’s nothing to do but go with the flow. 

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