When you try to convey to someone that you’re hurt by what they did and they say “I could tell you were upset but I decided not to dwell on it. Get over it. It’s no big deal”

But when you do something wrong, it’s equivalent to the original sin and you’re damned for all eternity. 

When they want to see you, even when you’re at work, you have to drop everything now and go see them. When they want to talk, they’ll call you at any time and you have to answer.

But when you want to talk, and you call, you get hit with “Stop calling. You cannot just randomly call at any given time”

When others hurt them and show no remorse, they tell you the others “are good people who just did the wrong thing without realising” and they have “hope they’re a decent person now” 

But when you do something wrong without realising and apologise and show remorse and beg them to understand, they say “your intentions don’t matter in the slightest.” 

I have to have some self respect. 

I really do. 

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