First Quarter Done 

And with that, psychiatry is over!!!!

Will I lament it’s loss? Naaaah

Well I will miss the people. The other house officers and my team, and having my own desk.

But I will NOT miss the department, the nurses, the fact that I have to look after geriatric patients I know nothing about, after hours. Just a big NO. 

Did I learn a lot? I’m not entirely sure to be very honest. I can’t say what skills I’ve gained in psychiatry other than developing an absolute “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude to certain things that aren’t even “problems” but someone else decides to make it a problem and they decide to make it YOUR problem. Which I will no longer stand for.

Having not much to do is really not my thing, I realised. Well I sort of knew that already, but now I’m certain. I need to stay busy. It just makes the day go so much faster.

I’m off to general medicine next! I am very excited. It should be very busy in comparison. 

But as usual, when I least expect it, my bad luck streak reared its ugly head. 

I was supposed to be on a team with another House officer. It was supposed to be a very busy team. On Friday, the last day of psych and the Friday before I start on gen med, I find out that the other house officer has been moved to another team and I heard that my team is going to be dissolved due to a lack of consultants.

Oh, and no one told me this.

I found out because the other house officer approached his new team and asked for a handover, meanwhile I was thinking we were still on the same team. Admin had called him about this, and not me.


Because that’s admin.

I freaked out and went to them and asked what would happen to me. They said the team is not going to be dissolved “yet”, and I am still on that team. But it is true that there are no available consultants for that team currently and this is likely to create several “changes” to the team structure. None of which I have been informed of yet. 

The lady I spoke to said “don’t stress. The other house officer has been moved but you’re still with this team. If there are any changes, we will let you know”. 

“Don’t stress” she says, even though had to approach her myself and ask about this or else would have shown up on Monday and been utterly lost as to why the other house officer on my team is no longer on my team and why my team has no consultants.

Thanks a lot, lady.

So I kind of don’t know what’s happening on Monday. The house officer currently on this team I will be going to said he would give me a good handover and there are patients on the team currently and there is a registrar. This is good.

But he also said he heard the team might be dissolved. This means I could be moved to another team sometime during this rotation.


I really must find out why I’m suddenly having these bizarre things happening to me.

On the bright side, ironically, every one I told this story to, basically said “well hey think of it as a blessing. You won’t need to deal with the other house officer anymore!” 

This is true I suppose. I will either have a team of my own which will be great.

But it could also be not great in that the team is slowly dissolved and I have to be moved to a different team. 

Which may not be terrible depending on the team. But with the way things are going for me currently, I would not be surprised if things go terribly.

What do I do? 

Gotta just keep swimming I suppose. 

We’ll see what happens Monday. 

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