“What do you do if you know someone who makes you extremely happy just by their presence and it feels like they’re built to make you happy, but then you realise that you’re not built to be the one that makes them happy?”

I think we’ve all felt this at some point..

I guess the most you can do is hope that they find someone who makes them just as happy as they make you. 

And yes it sucks that you can’t give them that. But if they truly make you happy, you’d want them to be happy first before anything else. Regardless of the circumstance.

Days Like This

There are good days and there are bad days.

But when you’re driving home tired and low and you can see a sunset like this through the car window on your left

And the rising full moon on your right,

It makes you feel as though the world is reminding you that there’s always something to feel good about.

And tomorrow is a brand new day.

Goodbye To A Friend

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a friend.

After 4 years, my beloved Kindle stopped working. 

I’ve had a rough week back at work. Which I might talk about later, but I wonder if you get tired of my whining about not very significant things. 

But anyways.

This is one of the more tragic things that has happened to me.

Every single moment in the last 3 years where I have felt lonely or bored or neglected or awkward, my friend Kindle was always there for me. 

It held my most favourite books of all time. 

It always comforted me with its light up screen that was so easy on the eyes and easy to read while turning in bed at night.

It’s small and sleek build meant that I didn’t have to go anywhere without it. Fitting in virtually any bag I was carrying, and sometimes even my coat pocket, meant that any time, was kindle time.

It educated me when I read a word I didn’t know. Simply tap on a word and both an online dictionary and wikipedia would be right there to teach me the meaning of words too complex for me to comprehend. And I didn’t even need to move to find a dictionary.

And it’s battery life was practically 4 weeks. Meaning one charge was enough to read all 15 volumes of my favourite book series. 

I must say that no person has ever been as reliable and dependable as my kindle has been.

It was finally time for it to die.

The screen went away first. No longer displaying proudly the letter “A” or newspaper stacks or other premade Amazon screensavers. 

Goodbye forever, old friend.

Until I get a new kindle of course! 

Don’t Get Old

The little old lady coughing away in her room. When I walk in, she smiles sweetly, the wrinkles on her face moving in unison

“Don’t get old” she warns.

Don’t get old.

Don’t develop those wrinkles on your face and skin

Don’t get worn out joints that creak and moan when you walk up stairs

Don’t become slow, holding up the crowd behind you as you slowly make your way down the corridor to the bathroom. You see the young people zoom past you, the breeze they leave behind their walk chills you.

Don’t develop the shakes. You think your hold is strong, but it never is. You’re one tremor away from dropping that cup or letting go of that railing and falling backwards.

Don’t lose your hearing. You won’t hear the questions, the comments, the put-downs.

Don’t lose your eyesight. The world isn’t bright anymore. You’ll see spots and floating things. You need those special glasses to even see your cat’s face.

Don’t experience your internal organs break down one by one. Your heart struggling to pump blood around your body, even though you’re smaller than you ever were.

Your kidneys are finding it harder and harder to clean your blood even though you have to use the toilet more often.

Don’t lose your sleep. Sitting up in your favourite chair during the day while talking to your daughter, you nod off. But you’ll be wide awake, staring at the ceiling with dry eyes at night.

Don’t end up in hospital. Every other day they’ll whisper that they doubt you’ll make it out. They’ll smile and be happy to see you.

Don’t talk too much. They’ll say you’re confused and demented for telling that story that’s so close to your heart more than once.

Don’t lose the person you’ve loved and lived with for more than 30 years. You’ll be truly alone for the first time in your life.

Don’t get old.

Sights Of Sydney

It’s been nearly a week here in Sydney! And I must say I’ve been quite the tourist! 

Here are some of the sights around Sydney! 

Darling harbour! Very big, very bright, but not buzzing. Reminded me of the waterfront back in Auckland but more chill. Such blue water! So picturesque!

This is called Chinese Friendship Garden! It’s in the middle of Sydney CBD as you can see the buildings in the background, but inside it’s pretty believable as it’s own garden. With a waterfall, a pond, several trees, even lizards (that I did not take pictures of)

While I was in Melbourne, I really wanted to see kangaroos and Koalas, but didn’t get the chance to. So in Sydney, I found my way to a wildlife park and even got to feed some kangaroos and watch enviously as koalas slept for 20h. 

Kangaroos are extremely cute by the way. Especially when they hop around! 

Madame tussauds! Not as big as the one in London, I’ve heard. And lacking in Ed Sheeran, but still, very cool. Very realistic Queen of England, and Taylor Swift! Adele not so much though.. 

And Sydney at night! It is definitely buzzing! Loving the low light photos I was able to take! 

But I’ve still got to say, Sydney is far too big for me to live in. My little city of Auckland is much more accessible and everything is familiar. But if you want to live in Sydney, you have to live in CBD. That’s the best way. Otherwise everything is a minimum of 45minutes away with no traffic! Which means, with traffic, it’s up to twice as long. I couldn’t do it.

But otherwise, Sydney is awesome!

Photography Milestone

While in Sydney, I took a photo that I am extremely proud of.

A full 8 years after taking up photography I’ve taken a pic like this. 

I used to wonder if I’d ever be able to capture a perfectly in focus motion shot at just the right moment.

And here it is

It’s times like this that make me think that photography has a lot to do with luck and being in the right place at the right time. 

So happy with this photo! ^^ the splash is in focus, so is the duck, so are the vibrant lotus leaves around it, so is the duck’s green eye. 

More Aussie Trails

Greetings from Sydney!!

*insert opera music from Finding Nemo here*

So after my 10 days stretch and having days where I was talked at by 10 different people at once and being asked questions like “does this patient really need an enema considering he’s at the end of life” even though said patient is extremely impacted with a dilated rectum of 10cm, making me want to walk out or drop everything and scream…

I was perfectly ready for a break.

I had a week of annual leave that I decided to spend in Sydney!

Picture perfect, no? 

There stands proudly the Sydney harbour bridge (which is massive and makes the one in Auckland look like a joke) and the Sydney opera house.

Sydney is so bright and warm! I came to Sydney briefly 3 years ago but it was at a time where my brain was definitely not up to processing anything.

So I have returned to Sydney to properly explore. Hitting the tourist spots like the opera house

And Bondi beach

Really touristy stuff! And I’m absolutely ecstatic at being able to get my camera out for these places! Major photography spree.

So far Sydney seems pretty cool. But oh my goodness is it big.

It takes a minimum of an hour to get anywhere in this city with public transport. The public transport system is pretty good! But it still takes a very long time to get from A to B. And living in Auckland, where everything is practically 10 minutes away, this city is very bizarre for me.

Still. The scene is pretty great. 

More pics to come!