What Do I Know?

Sorry for my absence.

But between Taylor Swift releasing new music and the new Avengers movie coming out, and Adele getting divorced and little old me struggling through working Easter weekend at the hospital,

Things have been kind of hectic.

ME! is amazing though by the way.

I haven’t seen the avengers movie yet.

And I’m very sad for Adele

But damn I have busy. And I know I asked to be busy. I’m not complaining about that at all. But this week is the longest time junior doctors are going on strike for safer hours. 1 whole week! I am Not on strike. I gave up on my union. While I support the cause, I do not support the methods. So this has been the longest, slowest week I’ve had so far. 

And today I want to complain about some of the things I hear around me.

My registrar referring to a patient everyday as “she’s still fat” 

My consultant telling me to do jobs that aren’t mine then walking away without helping me understand them. 

Doctors of different specialties cherry picking their patients – Eg. Rehabilitation wards cannot take obese patients as they have an experience of obese patients previously falling and breaking equipment. Regardless of how much rehabilitation potential they have, they will not be taken over.

People flipping out when they’re stressed and taking it out on the world.

People valuing those  who have so-called “people skills” and giving them awards while those who actually work hard and are deserving are left in the dark. 

Nurses not listening to what I’m saying after I’ve tracked them down and asked nicely to do a job more than once.

People being angry and rude one minute, then turning around and being oddly nice the next. Please give me 1 days notice as to what face you’ll be wearing today.


But I shouldn’t complain too much. I still have things that make me really happy (though they probably shouldn’t) and I’ve still got people who understand when I complain. And I have been learning a lot this week. My registrar is on strike which means my consultant expects me to do his job. Which I’ve been learning to do. So that’s good! 

And so I keep chugging. Hoping for a brand new day every day and trying to be kind of Awesome.

Because you can’t spell awesome without ME! 

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