Needing To Calm Down

Work has been super busy. I’m finding it a bit hard to do anything other than come home and sleep.

I’m also finding myself becoming quite cynical.

Well that’s not new, but apparently my cynicism is increasing in level. Not sure how much to, but when I get calls like:

“Hello, I’m calling about patient……Um…. hold on a second” where I literally want to scream oh my goodness what would possess you to pick up the phone and call me without knowing which patient you’re calling about?!?!

It leaves me quite drained and bitter.

Desperate to keep spirits up, I went out and invested more in photography.

I bought a lensball! I just adore the effect it has

Lensball pierLensball rangitotoIsn’t it fabulous? Bringing a new point of view to good ol’ Rangitoto and Mission bay.

Next week is important for me. A family member is undergoing a major medical procedure. And I guess I need to be calm and strong. It’s a pretty stressful time.

I need to calm down

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