A Stupid, Dumb, Bad Bad Week

I just finished a 10-day stretch at work and this has been the worst week I’ve had thus far in cardiology. 

I’m sure wherever you’re working you’ve dealt with people who micromanage. We all know someone like that. 

This week I had a consultant who was so pedantic, he micromanaged me all the way to misery.

New consultant, fairly young electrophysiology cardiologist in a permanent blue suit. 

He started off by telling me I have to show up an hour early and write up all the patient’s weights and blood tests before the ward round, but ends up checking them himself on the actual ward round.

He asks me to write long elaborate notes for him but then casts his eyes over them and says “do you mind if I rewrite that?”

He spends a lot of time sorting out his personal life in the middle of the ward round.

He tells me I HAVE to get something done TODAY but won’t let me leave the ward round briefly to organise said thing that HAS to be done TODAY, even though he has a registrar with him perfectly capable of taking over my tasks while I sort things out.

“Don’t split from the round” he says, “just do it when you get back afterwards”. Oh but here’s the catch, when we “get back afterwards” it’s 3pm and there’s no time to do any of the jobs because the consultant just spent 6h doing his ward round that he showed up late for.

Then after I had worked my hardest to organise the thing TODAY, he calls me up to say he’s already organised it and I just need to coordinate with some minor part of the operation to make sure it’s done. Why was I asked to do something you were able to do yourself??


It didn’t help that my usual registrar, (who I will talk about in a different post) was away this week. And the reliever had never done cardiology and hence had no idea what was going on.

He means well. He’s overall a nice person I suppose. But man, people who micromanage need to be aware of what they’re doing. And how unnecessary it is. 

It would’ve been fine if somehow we were more efficient, but we weren’t. I was staying way late to complete all my tasks and ward round was going on for ages

No other consultant had been like this. They had all let me do my job and we had been done with everything on time. 


Well I’m glad this week is over.

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