We’re A Team

Nearly done with my rotation on cardiology.

I have to say this has been my most favourite rotation so far. The hours have been long but the consultants have been fabulous and the work has been so interesting.

But the best part of this rotation is my amazing registrar.

Dr. Bradley is the most senior registrar at my hospital at the moment. He is currently the Chief resident.  9 years of experience on him, he is hilariously sarcastic, the best at being a cardiology registrar, and the most supportive colleague I have EVER had.

Without word of a lie, every other registrar I’ve seen or worked with has left me to finish the jobs and gone home at the end of the day in EVERY rotation I’ve ever had. And this hasn’t really bothered me much. Until the bar was raised.

Even if it’s 6:30pm and we’re tired and barely chugging through, and I’ve told him he should go home, Dr. Bradley says “We’re a team! I’m not leaving you behind!” and proceeds to stay there and wait until I’ve finished any remaining jobs and helps me with anything that needs doing.

The amount of difference that makes to the work experience is amazing. It made me want to work harder and be more efficient. Made coming to work that much better.

He even invests a lot in my learning. Teaching me how to do DC cardioversions, Treadmill tests and ward cardiology reviews by myself (reviewing patients referred by other teams to cardiology. This is usually a registrar job) and present to our consultants. He stands next to me and backs me up if the consultant asks something I don’t know. If any consultant or anyone at all tries to undermine me, he tells them I’m a future cardiology registrar and I can handle anything.

Having a senior colleague like that is so important. All of my previous registrars have been good and reasonable enough to work with. But none of them have really given me the responsibilities and support and trust that Dr. Bradley has. He makes my role seem very important to the team, even though I’m just a first year house officer and the bottom of the ladder compared to him and the rest of the team.

That’s what I will miss most about cardiology and why I’m so sad to move on to general surgery.

But I am so incredibly grateful to have met Dr. Bradley and have a role model that I aspire to be when I become a registrar.

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