You’re Not Dispensable?

I’ve never felt like I’m not dispensable. 

I’m always worried I’ll be easily replaced. 

Because why wouldn’t I be?

What’s so special about me?

Nothing really.

When someone or something new comes along, why wouldn’t I be lost in the crowd?

I know for a fact I’m not the only one who cares

Perhaps I care “too much”?

Does that set me apart?

But I’ve never felt sorry for caring too much. 

It always felt right to care too much. It always made me happy 

But it isn’t vice versa. 

I screw up a lot. 

Not sure why

But it doesn’t mean I don’t care

It’s not fair to think that

But that’s too bad

Because if I don’t care

Then I’d be dispensable

So maybe that’s that

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