Lost Love

Today is a sad day.

After 10 years, I had to say goodbye to my dearest Nissan March.

A few days ago on my way home from work, I was rear-ended by a large 4-wheel-drive from behind while I was stopped at a traffic light.

The entire boot of my car was smashed in.

Today my insurance company told me my car had to be written off. And that today was the last time I would ever see my car.


I couldn’t explain my feelings at this time.


My car was small and efficient. It was cute and orange in colour. It had been through a lot in the last 10 years. I had taken it all over New Zealand pretty much. Other cars had scoffed at it. But my car would drive hundreds of kilometres without a flinch. It had taken many grazes, bumps and crashes. It had survived all this time. And this time wasn’t even my fault.

It has barely been 2 weeks since I last got it WOF checked, serviced and registration renewed. My car passed all of the above. Sturdy and protected me from many events.

Everyone loved my little car. My friends used to identify my presence by seeing my car parked on the road. “The orange car landmark” they used to say,

I had spent hours alone in my car. Singing, laughing, talking and crying. My car was a quiet comfort for all of these things. It took everything I threw at it. Except this.


It hurt to say goodbye to my car. It was heartbreaking.

It truly is the end of an era.Nissan_March_K12_001