Pedantics and Quirks

I’ve got a lot of thoughts buzzing in my head today. Not all of them good. But somehow I got into thinking about weird quirks I have and things I’m pedantic about.

When someone says “Thanks” instead of “Thank you” to something quite significant and something that was actually quite thoughtful, it seems less than adequate. I have no idea what the singular form of “Thank” and the addition of “you” has, but it means more to me when some says thank you, rather than just Thanks.

I also sometimes have issue with people saying “no worries” (must be a NZ/Aus thing) instead of the conventional “you’re welcome” or “anytime!”. When I say a genuine thank you to show how grateful I am, “no worries” feels so impersonal and like it’s being brushed off.

But nothing bothers me more than “I’m sorry”. Nothing seems more pointless than these 2 words. I’m willing to bet 9/10 times someone has said this to me, they 100% did not mean it. And I can tell because their actions hardly ever show that they’re actually filled with any amount of “sorrow”. Maybe a new variation? “I feel much sorrow over what I have said/done”…. meh. Still not feeling it.

When people don’t thank you/show a gesture of a hand when you let them pass into your lane or give them way to cross. I don’t know. It’s like the trolley theory (look it up if you haven’t heard of it). Nobody is going to tell you off for not doing it, but whether you’re a good enough person to show gratitude for small gestures or not, can be worked out from something like this.

When people don’t reply. Not just being left on seen, etc. Everybody has a problem with that. I mean more when someone messages me and I reply in 0.1 seconds but then they take the next 24h to say “okay” or something equally insignificant. People don’t give enough credit for the demons in another person’s head.

Lack of empathy. Specifically, if you KNOW something would definitely bother you if it happened to you, why on EARTH do you think it’s acceptable to do it to someone else? Like why. Why.


Don’t know. Too late in the night for any of these thoughts to end anywhere constructive.

Feel free to disagree with any of the above. It’s all probably not any big deal at all. But these are my quirks and things I’m pedantic about.

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