New Lens!

In the midst of my otherwise unexciting life currently, I thought some retail therapy was in order! 

So I went out and bought myself this:

It’s super cute, super light and fresh and it’s the new Canon 50mm 1.8 STM lens!

I have 2 basic lenses that came with my 600D when I got it 6 years ago. I’m personally very interested in macro photography over other forms. And ideally I would love to buy a macro lens. But they cost an arm and leg so I thought I’d gift it to myself when I become consultant. 

But anyway! This lens is fabulous in achieving a shallow depth of field with a super high aperture and thus, foreground looks pretty and in focus against a beautifully blurred background.

Ideally this lens is used for video shooting and portraits. But it also helps macro shots to bring the subject into pristine focus if it is in the foreground. 

Et Voila!

Just look at those lovely anthers and stamen. (The middle bit of the flower, in case that’s not clear to anyone who has not done any plant biology).

In focus, against a blurred background. It’s poifect! 

Alright now that I’ve shared that, I’ve got to get back to progress test study as my procrastination time is over! 

I shall take more photos with this new lens after said test!


I realised that in my previous post I failed to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Now this isn’t going to be one of those posts about new year resolutions or lessons learnt from 2015. Mostly because I don’t believe in resolutions for the year because I feel that a list of changes thought up in one day for the rest of the year to transform oneself is not very realistic. I believe that we should all try to better ourselves everyday by setting little goals that are more achievable rather than a list of giant goals that not many people will actually end up achieving. And same deal with lessons. I would like to think I learn something everyday regardless of the time period in question. So if that were true (let’s assume it is), then there are far too many lessons learnt to talk about in this space and I would actually like to keep this post short and sweet.

So in this post, I would just like to say that I hope this year brings everyone a whole lot of happiness! Not guaranteeing 365 days of happiness, but I hope it is the majority! I hope you have a lot of good changes this year as I am attempting with this blog! Overall, I aim to stay positive, keep improving myself, and survive another year with help of those around me! I wish you the same and more!

Also instead of just writing wishes, I’ve added some photos I took of the fireworks at Auckland Skytower at midnight on New Years! They may not look that great and in person, the fireworks at the Skytower are less than impressive. If you’ve seen it one year, you’ve seen it every year. They last for 5 minutes and never change. My family and I have been watching it for so many years it has become tradition to be underwhelmed by the display. I’m not complaining though! Since I took up photography, I’ve learnt that even the most unimpressive things can be transformed in the right place at the right time and with a bit of luck! In my case, a whole lot of luck is needed but I had the right place and time in my favour, I believe! And Voila! A couple of photos of fireworks that are miraculously in focus!

Have a great new year! And I hope the fireworks wherever you are were brilliant!