Buon Natale 

Merry Christmas to all!! And buon Natale is apparently merry Christmas in Italian! 

Yes I’m fluent in Italian now. 

No I’m kidding. I don’t even pretend to speak it. So. Sorry for my absence and lack of updates from Florence but it was an extremely tiring few days. The tuscany region including something called Cinque Terre is incredibly unexciting in winter. Nothing but nothing is open this close to Xmas. And that was immensely disappointing. Basically went on hikes where I froze to death and saw several things that looked the same repeatedly. 

Not the best time.

I am currently in Milan! Yes that’s right! The fashion capital of the world! Unfortunately, same problem. Everything closes by 7 and it’s freezing but NOT snowing.  My dreams of a white Christmas were dashed! But Milan is festive! The galleria and cathedral are lovely!

So! In order to get some white-ness into my holiday, we took a train to Zurich! It’s gotta be snowing there right?? Well…No. sadly. It was snowing in cities all the way to Zurich. But not exactly in it. That’s right. And it was Christmas eve. And it was a Sunday. Nearly everything was closed and the city was pretty dead. 

This was on the way to Zurich.

I did manage to have hot chocolate at this amazing place called Sprungli. It’s supposed to have the best hot chocolate in all of Switzerland apparently! Oh but they also had amazing chocolates in general. And the best macarons I’ve ever had in my life.


If you’re ever in Zurich, I definitely recommend this place! 

So it was a Merry Christmas after all!

Hope everyone else has a fabulous Natale wherever you are and whatever you do! :))