Sometimes I Wish I Had A Clone 

Wouldn’t that be nice? 

I could be in two places at once. My clone would stay here, do her duties, be with family, not disappoint anyone. 

While I could disappear. Live among the mountains. Or in a field. Or in a far away forest where I can throw my phone away because there wouldn’t be any signal.

I could travel the world and learn so much. I could heal and be happy. And I would do so knowing my absence isn’t hurting anyone.

Thanks to my clone.

Sometimes I want to drop everything and take a break from life. But I’m responsible for too many things and too many people to just do that. And life isn’t always just about you alone. 

But if I had a clone, she would be me. And she would be responsible, while I would be able to leave. Unless she wants a break too. Haha.

Wouldn’t it be nice to escape for a while. 

I wish I had a clone. Do you?