December Happenings

Heyyyy it’s December!! How do I know this? Because it’s officially summer in Auckland! Well not really because the actual equinox is not until 21st of December, but let’s not focus on that.

How else do I know it’s December? Everyone has their Christmas tree up! I guess I’m late! Malls have had their trees up since November of course. So they  don’t count. But anyway! Time to get my Xmas tree up and get into that good ol’ Xmas cheer!

I had a great time decorating my tree. It’s always good fun. Especially when more people are involved. My mum turned on some Christmas carols, and when Jingle Bell Rock came on (which is my favourite carol), I actually started dancing around in the middle of my living room as I decorated my tree. Embarrassing as heck. But good fun!

et Voila! My tree!


(I love taking macro shots of my tree decorations)

This tree is 6ft tall and is kind of sparse. So it was very important to make sure I filled it up with as much decoration as possible! Previously I had multi-coloured fairy lights but this year I decided they looked tacky beyond reason and went instead, with the more sophisticated, monochrome, gold icicle lights. They match, and give the whole tree a nice glow, I think! And yes, the decorations are all red and gold. I’ve had these decorations for a few years now. HD commented that they are so….bland. So…normal. Christmas = red and gold…. how original…

Which I agree with. But in my defense, as I have mentioned before, I am BIG on observing Christmas in a very traditional way. And at the time I bought these decorations, I wanted the perfect postcard-type Christmas tree. So that is definitely red and gold. Truth be told, however, I am getting a bit tired of this dull, bi-chrome decoration thing. Hence I vow, next year I shall have new, more multi-coloured baubles and other Christmas-y things on my tree!

(by the way, a big thing happened for HD the other day, so mini celebration of his awesomeness!)

You may ask, why not go get new decorations this year? I mean, there’s still a good 20 days before Christmas! Well in fact, I am not going to be home for Christmas!

Yep! As part of this being my last ever holidays, my family decided to organise a trip away over Christmas! We’re going to Italy!

This means a few things, but the most important thing is that for the first time in my 22 year life, I will be experiencing a white Christmas!! I mean, I love the summery Xmas in New Zealand and the awesomeness of going to the beach and having ice cream, but for someone who is big on traditional Christmas, snowy whiteness is a big big excitement!

I cannot wait!

Plus, it’s Italy so there shall be Italian food, things to see, and places to shop at. Which is why I am not springing for new decorations this year.

But I still had to put a tree up. I just had to. It’s a must in December. Even if I’m not going to be home on Xmas day.

Hope everyone has their tree up and are doing fabulous Christmas-type things! ^^