Sometimes I think, wouldn’t it be great to have memory loss?

Like amnesia. Like short term memory loss.

Okay I know that sounds horrible. Like of course it would be horrendous if you or your family members forget who they are or where they live or their closest relatives, etc.

But just think.

What if you could forget your most embarrassing moments? What if you couldn’t remember the people that screwed you over? Or the actual events that wrecked your life? What if you could forget the grudges?

I would love that.

I remember everything. Well, not everything. Let’s say I remember a lot of useless stuff. Do I remember what nerve powers dorsiflexion of the foot? Nope.

But do I remember what someone was wearing the day they yelled at me and made me feel terrible? 

Yep and yep and oh God why.

Sometimes I just wish I could forget things. I don’t know why I bother remembering certain things. It’s not a conscious decision, I can tell you that. Some part of my brain just decides to retain info that isn’t really going to do much other than bring back the feelings surrounding that info vividly.

That’s another thing. It’s not just oh yeah I remember that. It’s more like oh my God remember when that happened and I felt…

Which is really unnecessary. There are enough emotions in the present to deal with without having an emotional back log too.

I just wish I could forget a lot of the stuff I remember. Most of it though has a lot less impact on me, which is good. But I wish I could forget it all completely.

Don’t you?