Passage To India 

Sorry I have been quiet for a while. 

I had been swamped at work and then had a 10 day break during which time we had a family trip to India!

It was supposed to be a spiritual getaway to Varanasi, a city in North India where the Ganges river runs. It’s believed in Hindu culture that you must atleast once in your lifetime go to Varanasi and visit the Ganges river to absolve yourself of your sins and feel the presence of God.

For me it meant a photography getaway ofcourse!
Here is the Ganges river in all its glory! Well actually it’s flooded. It’s apparently been extra rainy in Varanasi this year meaning the boats stationary on the side of the pic cannot sail on the river as they usually do. I didn’t get to cruise down the Ganges.

The local Varanasi dwellers pray to the Ganges river every evening and offer gifts and sacred flames to the Goddess of the river. Quite a lovely experience.

This is a place ccalled Sarnath. It contains the ruins of a great kingdom and the temple which is still intact.

Varanasi is quite an ancient city. Every corner had something that was atleast 2000 years old. And that was pretty amazing. 

We then spent a day in Delhi 

Where I caught the India Gate at golden hour. 
It was much too hot and busy in India but it was quite an experience! 

But now I have to go back to work on Monday to surgery with a cold I caught as a souvenir from India. 

Oh well atleast the pictures are good!

Quick Getaway

Last week, to celebrate the completion of my 6 year medical degree, I went away for the weekend to New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. Or as they call it, “The middle of Middle Earth” (Lord of the rings fans will understand)

A friend of mine works in Wellington so I decided to visit her. 

Wellington is known as hip central. It’s where the parliament building is but also where the night life is. Very fun and lively and gave me a chance to get my camera out.

This is the infamous Beehive. The parliament building of NZ. It’s quite big in person.

Some sights around Wellington and a nearby place called castle point.

Needless to say, great weekend.