Trust And Disappointment

You can trust or attempt to trust lots of people in life. But you never know trust and disappointment until you’ve had a bad haircut.

I’ve had a straight fringe for most of my life. I don’t know what they’re called now. “bangs”? Well whatever.

Last year I decided that my fringe made me look even younger than I was so I  wanted to grow it out to make it a side fringe. So for the last few months I basically had no fringe or a “side fringe”.

My mum convinced me that while this was a good idea, it made my forehead look even bigger than it already did and I’m better off with my straight fringe.

So I thought oh well I’ll get it cut straight again then.

Does everyone have a hairdresser they trust? Because I sure as heck do NOT. I went to where I always go, the mall hairdresser. You’d think a salon would hire “hair experts” who were good hairdressers and also knew what customer service was.

But no. I walked in and was faced with a lady who may as well have “kill me now” stamped on her forehead. She didn’t smile. She didn’t ask how I was. She basically said “What the heck do you want?”

Not in those words exactly, but that was the vibe. Not a great start. I should have left. But I told her I wanted a straight fringe. She said, “up to your eyebrows?”. I said yes and sat down in the flat, fake leather chair. But clearly she didn’t hear me. She must have heard something to the effect of “blah blah cut fringe blah blah”

The haircut took all of 3 minutes. She sprayed my fringe with water, grabbed it and made 3 or 4 blind snips, then stood back and took the synthetic robe off and moved away without giving me a chance to have a look or correct anything. Not that it would’ve mattered.

It was too late.

The damage was done. My fringe fell to halfway down my forehead. Not my eyebrows. Too short.

You’d think being the “hair expert” she’d realise that since my hair is curly, once it dries, it’ll curl up and be even shorter. Nope. She didn’t realise this. She simply did what was in her job description and hacked away at my hair.

“But I trusted you!!” I wanted to scream at her. But I didn’t. Instead I paid for losing my hair and went home.

Only to find out it wasn’t even cut straight! My fringe was cut in a wave shape, for lack of a better description. Now I have to sweep it to the side until it grows out enough to actually be fixed. What a futile exercise.

This is why I have trust issues.

How does one find a hairdresser they can trust? How many more heinous cuts do I need to have before I find someone good? I just now have a long list of places I know I’ll never go back to given their uselessness. Maybe I should just quit medicine for a bit and join a hairdressing course. This is just depressing.

First world problems, I know. But my poor fringe! It’s just not good enough.

The scene at the hairdresser

After 3 years of growing my hair out to a length that would challenge Rapunzel, I decided to get the chop. After having a proper farewell where all my friends mourned the impending loss of my hair, I was ready to get it cut. I have an extreme distrust of all hairdressers because they always tend to cut my hair miles shorter than I want, so I had a huge fear in addition to the heaviness in my heart. However, when I went to the hairdresser today, I gained two things. A pretty okay haircut, and a lesson.

The hairdresser was a lovely lady who introduced herself, asked me exactly what I wanted, complimented my long hair, and also joined in the mourning of it being cut. She then proceeded to make conversation while she was cutting. Upon finding out that I was a medical student, she began telling me about her experience in hospital only a couple of weeks ago where she had surgery that involved removing her stomach, removing liver scar tissue, and fixing a hernia. She had also had her gall bladder removed previously. What was remarkable for me during this exchange was how genuinely cheerful this woman was as she sharing with me an experience that she described as being both scary and traumatic. She stood before me, smiling, perfectly well as far as I could see, and back to work within 2 weeks. She told me that she was so grateful to the surgeons and nurses that looked after her and she was more than ready to go back to work because she felt great and hated staying in bed. She spoke of the new struggles she had to face due to the changes in her diet but also that she was trying to make sure she looked after herself and got all her nutrients. And so she had taken up drinking protein smoothies that she really began to love. Her positive nature was contagious.

I can’t say that were I in her place, I would be able to be as positive and as active as she was, so soon after what she went through. But she really made me want to try. I could tell she loved what she does and that made her want to return to work despite her condition. It was what made her turn her struggles into positive aspects that allowed her to keep living life and as happily as she could. It put a lot of things into perspective for me and I am so grateful for the conversation I had with her. I can only hope that should something of the sort ever happen to me, I am able to remember this lady and do my best to stay positive.

As for my hair, it is a tad shorter than how I wanted it, but not too much! So I’m not complaining! …Much