New Laptop!!

So I’ve had a bit of a hiatus in blogging recently. There were actually quite a few draft posts that I haven’t finished.

And the reason for that was because my HP laptop broke while I was in India. In my last couple of days, in fact. A big crack across the screen and an unresponsive keyboard.

Not fun.

Luckily for me, my computer was touchscreen so I was able to use the onscreen keyboard until I got a new one. But that’s annoying to blog with, as is my phone keyboard. It’s just so satisfying to hear the clackity-clack of the keys while I feverishly type my thoughts on here.

Thank God for travel insurance that my university provided me during my elective for free, because they let me get a brand new laptop!

Introducing, the HP pavillion x360!!

It does super neat things like flipping over backwards 

and letting me draw things with an HP stylus that came free with it!


Definitely an upgrade.

(That’s a snake in case my doodling wasn’t clear)

It was actually quite brave of me to get an HP again because this time, once again, I spent a whole week on the phone to HP support services trying to get a QUOTE for the damages to my laptop. I wasn’t even asking them to fix it. All I needed was a quote saying these were the damages and these parts were unavailable.

I made 13 phone calls over 4 days and still did Not manage to get a quote. And ended up going elsewhere for a proper quote.

It was just horrendous. The first lady that picked up said “um do you know your computer is a 2013 model??” And judging me to the max for not upgrading. Um excuse me but shouldn’t I get some credit for taking such good care of it over the last few years?? 

Apparently not. Then there was a big fiasco about people telling me the parts were no longer available and then people telling me they need to check if they were available. They were telling me they would call me back when they never did, and there was one point where I had suspected that they had blocked my phone number because my calls were not going through unless I used a different phone.

Thank God HP has such good tech because their customer service is beyond multiple levels of useless.

I adore my new laptop though! Fit like a daydream, as Taylor Swift would say!