Looking Back At 2018

Whew. The last few posts of mine have been quite depressing. This blog was never about being down or blue. It was about keeping alive something that was very important to me.

So I was looking back at some of the posts I had put up this year. 2018 isn’t exactly ending the way it had started. But I have so much to be grateful for this year.

Kind of like the spirit of Ariana Grande’s new song Thank U, Next. I want to look back at some of the things that really made this a great year.

When 2018 started, I was on a plane heading back to NZ from my family trip to Italy. That was without a doubt, the best experience ever. I hope to return to Italy one day for it’s buzzing excitement and amazing history and culture. And the gelato too!

As soon as the year began, I started my final year at medical school. Kicking off with general medicine. I had actually felt extremely competent and loved every moment of my time on general medicine. I had met Dr. AJ who I adore and am so grateful to have met! I learnt so much during my time on general medicine. It was awesome.

My next rotation was rural general practice. I still think about my time in Warkworth now and then. Maybe when I’m older, I’d like to become a GP and live somewhere similar where people are so relaxed and the lighter side of life can be experienced, eating gelato by the beach and discovering nature walks and driving on roads without traffic lights. The simpler side of life. I miss it.

This year, I hadn’t mentioned on this blog, but I had attended Ed Sheeran’s Divide world tour concert! That was an absolutely amazing night on all accounts. It had stopped raining, the one night he was in Auckland and my sister, friend, and I had a blast in the presence of a real guitar God. Gotta love Ed Sheeran


My trip to India. Probably the last one for a while for me. My elective and getting to experience what medicine is like in a developing country and how that affects me and what I want to do with my practice. Not to mention the great food and people I had met and enjoyed my birthday with!


Now this picture. Is significant for many things I am grateful for in 2018. When someone you care a lot about, gets what they want, what they deserve, gets the opportunity to be happy, and you get to be a part of that, and you feel like you’ve done something right, and you get to continue to support them, that feeling is priceless. It’s a happiness I can’t explain. I can never be grateful enough to know HD.

Getting distinction in my final year of medicine. After 5 years, much like the tortoise in the Hare and the Tortoise story, I felt like my steady improvement had all led up to this achievement. Where I got a letter from the university congratulating me on being one of 44 people who achieved overall distinction in our final year of medicine. It really made me feel good after years of thinking I was average if not below average.

My mini trip to Wellington which was such a nice getaway at just the right time. Spending time with friends I had scarcely seen all year, was a real gift. Good fun to experience the capital city of New Zealand and its own buzz.

The second concert opportunity I had this year was none other than Taylor Swift herself. I didn’t mention this on my blog either, but man. What an event that was! All this year I had known about the concert. The Reputation world tour was frequently talked about and all its merits were extremely attractive to hear. Reputation is without a doubt the most relatable Taylor Swift album for me. Pretty much every song captured some aspect of my life, and described it perfectly. So I had been hearing all about it. But since I had already attended Ed Sheeran’s concert, and the fact that I didn’t really have anyone to go with, I didn’t jump for tickets straight away. I kept telling myself, if I am meant to go see Taylor Swift, it would work out somehow. As the concert loomed closer, a friend of mine, who is a bigger fan than I am, was also considering going. They also didn’t really have anyone to go with. I pushed them to go. I absolutely wanted them to experience the concert they found just as relatable as I did, if not more. They found tickets and invited me. I couldn’t actually believe it was working out! I had a week’s notice and found some way that I could go. It nearly even fell apart the night before the concert. But going with my friend and going to see Taylor Swift, was meant to be, and it happened. It was all so weirdly fated, much like in her poem “You could never have arrived- so wondrously and brutally, by design or some violent, exquisite happenstance…..here” at the concert. And what a concert it was! She is a brilliant performer and you could really learn a lot about putting effort into something you love from seeing how all out she went for the presentation of her Reputation world tour.


Here is a picture of the 50-foot (or thereabouts) snake she brought with her for Look What You Made Me Do. Super grateful for this experience this year.

My graduation. Finally reached a milestone I had been working 6 years for. Everything before this day, on this day, and after this day, was significant for me. And for the people involved. Very grateful.

Starting work. It hasn’t been fabulous so far. But I’m grateful that I’m still surviving. I’m still feeling capable of doing some things right. Looking forward to moving on.

And of course, I cannot be grateful enough for this blog. Over last year and this year, this blog has always made me feel so much better once I’ve come on and posted something up. Often it has been things I am very insecure about or feel that no one really understands in my life. But when people read even those posts and a few of them like it, I feel like maybe I’m not crazy and my thoughts are valid and I can put them forward at least in writing in a way that some people around the world understand.
I never say half these things to real people. But saying it on here, makes me feel freer and more empowered. And for that, I am extremely grateful.
I’m grateful to everyone who reads this blog even when things get a bit weird sometimes.
But I am considering changing the domain name of this blog. I feel like something should probably change. I’ll think about it.

And that is my year in review. There’s so much more to be grateful for this year, I’m sure. But these are the most significant things that come to mind. It’s nice to stop and be grateful. Before the next year comes along and brings more changes to my life. Let’s hope I can keep chugging on and getting through it.

I hope everyone else has had things to be grateful for this year.

I shall end here with the immortal words of Ariana Grande

Thank U 2018, Next.