Gastroenterology Review

This is probably a bit preemptive considering I’m only 4 weeks into this rotation in Melbourne. But this rotation has been different to the others I have had this year. So I think now would be a good time to talk about my thoughts on gastroenterology.

I had mentioned how it must have been fate that I got accepted into gastroenterology over radiology. I think that was definitely true. It’s been a good run thus far.

Well. Kinda. Here’s the thing. I’ve had consultants here in Melbourne that ignore me and don’t acknowledge my presence (like back home). I’ve had registrars and team members that don’t really teach and don’t really care where I am or what I’m doing (also like back home). Then I’ve had consultants who are absolutely lovely and who teach and take an interest in me and my learning (this is also like back home). So the run in itself has been the same as all other things I have experienced in the last couple of years.

But I’ve been excited to go to hospital. I’ve been excited to go to endoscopes, clinics, ward rounds and to do my own studying. I actually enjoy what doctors do on a daily basis in gastro. Gastroenterology is one of those specialisations which has a good balance between medical management and procedures. And that’s something which I think is great 

I find the pathophysiology interesting and exciting. I find the medical management of patients intriguing. And I find the procedural side of endoscopies challenging and satisfying. I haven’t bad this kind of experience on any other rotation so far. I can actually see myself becoming a gastroenterologist.

And I am so grateful for that.

Now this isn’t 100% obviously. I’ve got a long time to definitely decide. But I am so glad that atleast one run (funnily, the final run of the year) has piqued my interest and has allowed me to visualise what kind of medical professional I would like to be.

And within gastroenterology, there are sub specialties. Liver, IBD, Oncology, etc. I’m not too sure which one of these I’d like. But I find liver pathology more interesting than IBD. So maybe I will specialise in hepatology. But hard to say.

It’s just exciting to ponder these options. To have something to hang off these ideas and consider them seriously. I am so glad. After a lot of rotations where I found out what I don’t like, it’s been nice to have a run I really do like.

Future gastroenterologist Abracadabra? Perhaps!


In other news, Melbourne is a huuuge city. But it’s a lot like back home. I went to Great Ocean Road today which has these big rocks on the shoreline. Great roadtrip with my flatmates and I took some photos! The weather was basically not great and we were all freezing and wet, but it was a good day overall!

12 apostles 412 apostles 512 apostles 6

Just Out

When your team consultant kicks you off the ward round because “students slow things down” and he wants to have a “working” ward round so he can go play golf afterwards, ditch the ward round, take a long weekend, get on a train to nowhere and see where you end up 

LOL jk. I googled how to get to these places. 

But the rest is true. 

Out And About Melbourne Photos

It’s the first sunny day I’ve had in ages!! Hallelujah! This trip is the perfect time to reunite with my canon. And so the following photos were taken on a trip to a couple of places! Pretty happy with these and it feels so good to use my camera again. xD


Rockmelon flower.jpg

Just getting back into some macro photography. This is at the infamous Victoria Market with some amazing Australian produce. I like what they did with the melon

Antique compass

Antique stuff 2.jpg

The Victoria market isn’t just for produce though! They sell everything from clothes, to boomerangs and didgeridoos, to antique compasses, pocket watches and sundials. I thought it was pretty neat!




And then I went to a place called Brighton beach with about 70 of these brightly coloured huts! I have no idea what they’re there for but you may have seen them on the previous season of Masterchef.

The beach itself is extremely narrow and I was dangerously close to the water when taking these photos. But mostly because I had to move around enough to make sure I didn’t get any other people in the frame. Which was not very successful. Eugh.

But it’s okay. It was a sunny day at the beach with my camera. A pretty good day overall.