Osce Blahs..

My osce finished!  As did the obgyn rotation! Yaay!! *mini virtual celebration*

How was it? Well.. *averts eyes*

It was okay. I’m fairly sure I passed. But a couple of the stations were just traumatic. Mostly because of the examiner to be honest. I know I know you’re tired of me going on about useless mean consultants, but I just don’t get it. And I promise I’m not the only one who thinks so.

The station was on antepartum haemorrhage:

Me: I understand you’ve come in with bleeding. How are you feeling at the moment?  Dizzy? (trying to find the cue for an emergency situation)

Examiner (pretending to be patient): *looking down at clipboard* Well no. I’m lying down at the moment so I’m not dizzy.

Me: Err. How much are you bleeding?

Examiner: Ohh I’ve gone through 3 pads, they’re soaked, blood dripping everywhere. *still looking at clipboard*

Me: okay..?  I’d like to activate the emergency bell and get help. I’d want to check your haemodynamic status and get IV lines in and get you to theatre for emergency delivery of baby.

Examiner: *write in clipboard. Says nothing for 30 seconds* hmm. And you’re going to do this all on your own are you?

Me:  …?? No I’d call for help.

Examiner: well you should have said that *Still looking at the bloody clipboard*

Me: …… I did. But yes I’d call for help and start the emergency delivery process.

Why do I always seem to get uninterested people who don’t hear me say things? Sigh.

Well, at the end he said I passed. So Woo-kinda-hoo. I suppose.

Another station had a lady who started tallying up the scores on her clipboard while I was still talking. Eugh. Why people. Why?

Well. After this mess, I decided to go for a night time drive and walk with my camera. Got a nice shot of the moon over a famous Hill in Auckland.

Rangitoto and moon 2

This is Rangitoto island. I think this picture looks like a painting. Lol just kidding. My exposure and lens was all wrong and I was freezing to death.

But the end result was still pretty good I think. There’s something about the moon and clouds that’s so soothing for frazzled post-osce nerves.