Good News

I am pleased to say that I have been matched to a hospital for my first year of being a House Officer!

All that time I spent on my application and stressing has paid off! Yaay!

Which hospital, you ask? Middlemore Hospital in Auckland.

Yes I know what you’re thinking. I’ve mentioned a few times before that I dislike Middlemore and I really want to leave Auckland in my first house officer year. Yeah. I changed my mind.

I just finally have a plan for the next two years. Middlemore hospital is a great hospital. I’ve just got to learn to tolerate the people and other annoying things. And I think I’m at a place where I can do that. So I focus on more important things like what would most benefit my knowledge and career.

Anyway after weighing the pros and cons, I applied to Middlemore and it’s a massive relief that I have been matched to my first choice!

Feeling like I am finally getting some good news now. The bad luck cycle has ended (touch wood).

More on that soon!

I have to now fill in an application to the hospital itself and a bunch of other admin things need to take place before I get my job offer and things start getting real. But I am super grateful that I got the hospital I wanted!

I am sure I will start to face the anxiety of not being ready to be a doctor yet, soon.