Parallel Parking

parallel parking (2)

I hate parallel parking.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates this unnatural movement of a car into a stupid space.

So today I had to pull my car into a space between two cars. Now it’s not just that the technique of getting into the spot that’s hard. It’s also estimating whether your car would fit into said space. 

And that’s very difficult. And I don’t even have a big car. 

But after 15 tries, I realised my small Nissan March would NOT in fact, fit in between the large Ford and the old Toyota sedan. 

What a waste of 20 minutes and petrol and the poor rubber of my tyres. 

I’m sick of it. You’d think with all the modern engineering, they’d come up with a solution for the stupidest thing you need to do with your car.

And I know they have self driving cars that are supposed to self park like fancy BMWs or Teslas. But I’ve heard that they take just as many tries as you do and have no consideration for oncoming traffic.

It really needs a better solution than this. 

And so I had an idea on my 12th try of parking my car. 

Bear with me here because my doodles are not the best.

My idea is to have wheels on a car that behave much like a four wheel suitcase.

Have you seen those? They move in any direction, including sideways.

So my idea is this:

Build a car whose wheels will all turn sideways and just slot into a parallel parking space!

Like so. 
Now in order for this to work, the axle of the wheels have to look a bit different. For all four of them to change direction at once. 

I think it’ll have to look something like this:

And when the steering or button activates the sideways turning mechanism, it’ll look like this:

And it just moves sideways and slots into the space!

Tada! Revolutionary, no?

No longer will you have to suffer with the awkward reversing and the cringing every time someone watches you parallel park. 

It could even help lane changing! Just one swift movement and you’re in the next lane!

And maybe they could build cars with sensors that will tell you if a space is indeed big enough for you to parallel park in. 

Ofcourse this is going to take a lot of more complex engineering, and this is probably not even how cars work, but hey who knows! 

It might be the car of the future! 

But at any rate, you heard it here first! 

Unless someone else already had this idea, in which case, Please make your idea a reality!!!! I for one would love to never struggle to parallel park and then park somewhere else, again.