Airline Blahs

I have returned!! So glad to be home. 

But can I just take a moment to talk about Airlines.

What is it with all the airline companies these days? While every other industry in the world is working to improve their service, the airline industry is finding new and inventive ways to make sure you want to jump out of the aircraft mid-journey. 

Not going to drop names, but Singapore Airlines is literally the worst airline I have ever experienced in my life. They have the most horrendous customer service EVER. Never have I ever gotten on the phone to call them and hung up thinking, oh hey they were really helpful. 

And their website is even more useless.

It’s always something. Some glitch on the website that prevents me from completing my booking, unable to change my seats, unable to select my meals, unable to book an extra ticket, and the list goes on.

And even after I’ve spent 60 hours on the phone with them (55 hours on hold and 5 hours waiting for the person I’m talking to to figure out how to fix the issue and actually fixing it), I show up on the plane and the airhostess tells me I haven’t selected a vegetarian meal or me and my mum aren’t sitting next to each other.

Eugh. I just can’t understand what their issue is.

And this is in a flight in economy class where you barely have 2 inches on either side of you or your feet. I don’t understand it. I pay 2000$ for a ticket to go to India or wherever in a space smaller than a shoebox with bland dried out food, that I don’t even get most of the time because they didn’t receive my order. 

I could buy a whole couch set for less than 2000$

I also read an article recently where Emirates was wanting to decrease economy spaces by 13% to make room for a bed AND Lazyboy chair in first class. You know, aside from the ensuite and shower stall they already have in there. 

Hey who travels a maximum of 17 hours anywhere in the world and just HAS to shower?? 

Obviously the people who are willing to pay 10,000$ for a ticket. 

It just doesn’t make any sense. They’re making the majority of passengers who will be in economy class miserable, for the 2 people who will buy a first class ticket. 

What in the Heck?

I suppose these companies realise that everyone is at the mercy of every airline company. I mean, how else are you going to get halfway around the world? Ship? Sure. If you’ve got a few months. 

No? Then please take your shoebox seat thanks.

Basically there’s no other way to move around the world. So yes you have to spend 60 hours on the phone and 2000$ to get there. You have to put up with the useless service and food. If you don’t, well hey. Your loss. Not the airline’s. 

Plenty of other people keen to travel this way. Because they have to. So tough.

And this is why they can also set any fare they want for these flights. Regardless of how unreasonable it may be. They know you’re going to pay if you have to travel. Peak time periods should be a time to charge less. But nope. They charge double. Because they can.

Ugh I just hate that. And the only way to improve this is to become so rich you can travel in business or first class. Or own your own jet. 

That’s it. They’re not going to change. You have to. 

That’s how it works.

Long Haul Flight Entertainment Centre

I’m off to Italy today!! 

One of the downsides of living in the southernmost corner of the world is that it takes forever to get to any country.

And Italy in particular, has me travelling for 26 hours in total. First on the new long haul flight that is 17 hours long. 17 hours!!! I keep thinking that half way through I’m going to get extremely claustrophobic. Stuck in a big tube with 200 other people. Eugh.

So. I have to keep myself entertained during this time. So I’ve packed a sort of survival kit.

1. My laptop. It has a few movies and TV shows I have accumulated over the years, and unfinished writing pieces that will give me something to do. But the battery life is about 4 hours. So must use efficiently.

2. My Oxford handbook and a notebook (not shown here). Yes, for a med geek like me, every idle opportunity is a study period! But having said that, it is extremely difficult to concentrate in a pressurised cabin with dropping oxygen levels. So I don’t have high hopes of getting much study done.

3. My kindle. This will be my saviour I believe. The device with the best battery life and a bunch of books that should keep me occupied for a considerable amount of the flight time. Gotta love the kindle.

4. My phone (with which I have taken this picture, and is symbolised by my headphones). It has songs. And videos and games that will keep me occupied also. Not for very long because I don’t like playing games on my phone anymore. But yeah to a certain extent.

5. A deck of cards. I’m travelling with my family. So the deck of cards is symbolic of interacting with them and playing games and such. Don’t know how good it will be as our seats aren’t exactly together. But we should be able to manage.

And last of all, sleep! Which is hard to do in economy, but if I force myself to, I should be able to succeed in killing a couple of hours by knocking out. Here’s hoping.

I sincerely hope the 17 hours will go by quickly. I hate plane food and the yucky air and the bathrooms etc. But the prospect of being in Italy soon should make this whole affair bearable.  Hopefully…
Oh well! I shall return soon with pics of my trip! 

Hope everyone has an awesome next few days!