The Blogger’s MSE

Mental State Examination:

Appearance/ Behaviour: The blogger is a man/woman aged between 20s and 30s of medium height and normal build. They are dressed in casual clothing and are frequently dishevelled. The blogger establishes good rapport and maintains intense eye contact with their computer or mobile device. They tend to smile stupidly or frown intensely at the screen when blogging 

Speech: Speech is minimal to non-existent when blogging although occasionally seen muttering phrases to themselves with normal rate but low volume. 

Mood: The mood of the blogger is often subjectively variable before blogging and is objectively euphoric following blogging. 

Affect: The affect is expansive and labile ranging from irritable to blunted to euphoric, and changes frequently depending on the subject of the blog

Thought Form: The Blogger’s thought form is not linear or goal directed. There is often signs of thought disorder including tangentiality and circumstantial writing. There is also frequent flight of ideas evident in the blog posted.

Thought Content: Thoughts consist of grandiose delusions regarding popularity of blog. They also believe they will become a famous author. The blogger is preoccupied with obsessive thoughts regarding their next post and have a compulsive need to log on to WordPress frequently. 

Perception: Blogger has occasional auditory hallucinations of sentences in their next post. Blogger does not report visual hallucinations and is not observed to be responding to non-apparent stimuli.

Cognition: Blogger is alert and oriented to time, place and person. Good recall of previous posts.

Insight & Judgement: Both insight and judgement is impaired as the blogger believes their delusions are reality based and do not believe they need help with their obsession with blogging. 

Risk: The Blogger’s risk of harm to self is deemed moderate and is mostly in the form of procrastination by blogging and hindering their progress and completion of school work. Their risk of harm to others is deemed moderate by causing them to procrastinate also when reading the blogger’s post, and also possibly causing harm by boring them. 

That New Year Post

So I looked over my 2016 post today and thought to myself, well that seems like a reaaaaaally long time ago and a reaaaaally different person.

I had said “I aim to stay positive, keep improving myself, and survive another year with the help of those around me.” I can tell you that I survived 2016. I cannot say much else. I’ve said I’m no good with resolutions and I don’t believe in them right? Well I don’t.

But I won’t bring anyone else down! 2017 is a new year ofcourse! And with every new year come the preachers and the soul-touchers. I actually avoided going on facebook for about a month. But when I logged on in the new year, sure enough I was bombarded by memes about the betterment of self, society and the rest of the world in 1 day as 2017 began. Not to mention friends posting a picture somewhere on their summer getaway (Yes it’s currently summer in NZ) with a caption about how grateful they are and how this year shall be their defining year and how they challenge everyone out there to do the same. Eugh. I won’t rain on their parade. If they’re happy, good for them. But honestly, they had posted very similar things in previous years and it really makes me wonder if the things they “resolved” to do actually worked out for them to continue posting the same things over and over annually. But hey, most pictures are pleasant enough.

However, in the midst of the preaching angels, a friend of mine had put up a new year status that actually really impressed me. She had said:

Happy new year! May it be what we hope for.

That’s all. No pictures, no bells and whistles, no loud emoticons (or emojis if you prefer), and not more than one exclamation mark. Enough said. Seriously.

What caught me about her post is how realistic it is. She didn’t mention 2017, or anything about 2016. This post was about this moment. She didn’t hope you have a great year. She didn’t hope she has a great year. She just hopes that it is what you hope for it to be. She didn’t offer any guarantee or challenges or big positive words. And she didn’t need to. She just hopes. And to be honest, that’s all there is to it. Anyone could write pages and pages telling you how positive you should be and how they are aiming for great things. But in reality, it’s all about you in every moment, regardless of time period, year, etc. Just hope. Nothing more needs to be added to her post. It’s the most realistic new year wish, and it made me feel good.

I doubt she thought this far when she put up this post, but I got this feeling from it. Felt good. Strange things tend to speak to me and I never forget them. I’m weird. 

Oh happy new year to everyone by the way.